An Auction Ebay won’t allow

My 3 year old male NT child is up for auction or free to gypsies.

Here is what you can expect if you are the highest bidder:

Some or all of the following may happen in any 24 hour period.

Demands for a banana every morning and afternoon immediately upon waking.

Peeing on the floor should he not be reminded to head to the bathroom before having said banana.

Awake at the crack of dawn.

Raiding the kitchen at said crack of dawn.

Sneaking in the kitchen and dumping spices on the floor, on multiple occasions, despite being threatened with his life.

Dumping a canister of instant peach tea on kitchen floor for no good reason, other than it is mommy’s favorite beverage right now.



Snotty nose

Unrelenting wailing in public places

Unrelenting wailing at home

Picking on older brother

Bossing older brother

Taunting older brother

Crawling into bed with you at 5am crying for a banana and then falling asleep snuggled up against you and sleeping in later than usual (rare occasions, but its sweet.)

Your shopping will only consist of fruit, salami, hotdogs, chips, cheese, and yogurt.  No carbs necessary.

Endless blogging material.

So we’ll start the bidding at $0.10.  Any takers?  Grandma, you may want to get in on this before the general public snatches him up.



Stay tuned, there may be a 5 year old up for sale next week.



Just a short vent before I get on with my day!


Yesterday the bus arrived 10 minutes earlier than we were told it would be coming.  Good thing we were already ready.  Driver tells us it will be this time every day, not the later time.  Good bus rider etiquette dictates that the rider is waiting 5 minutes before scheduled time.

So today we go outside 5 minutes before the time it arrived yesterday and 15 minutes before the official schedule.  Hubby reluctantly went out with him in hopes that he would have less trouble separating from him than he does from me.  15 minutes later they are both hot, grumpy and ready to come inside.  So Little J and I go out to wait with J.  Another 10 minutes pass and I call transportation.  After waiting 5 minutes for them to get ahold of the driver and sort things out, it turns out they have switched buses/drivers for J and it will pick him up in another 5 minutes.  No one told the front office about the change so I didn’t get a call.  New driver only has a cell phone and no radio so they can’t call her.  almost 20 minutes later the new driver and bus arrive.  13 minutes AFTER the time the office said she would be there.  AND she has no aide.  I start to panic.  We have been waiting outside for almost an hour and there is no aide to keep J on the bus.  To top it off she asks me if I have a booster or car seat to put him in because they only have lap belts and no harnesses.  But while we are talking J gets on, chooses a seat at the very back (it is like greyhound bus seats with belts on a short white bus) and says he is buckled.  There are no tears and no running off the bus.  Fingers crossed this works.


I cleared up the time with the driver and she says it will be about this time every day instead of what dispatch told me because the other pick up is way across town and no way she can make it in the 5 minutes the office allotted.  I’m okay with this, its only a 10-15 minute ride to school now instead of a 40-50 minute ride.  What I’m not okay with is the lack of communication and waiting in the heat.


Oh well atleast the weeds got picked while we waited.

Answered Prayers

Sunday, I told a friend at church how awful last week was for J in school and she said “I’ll pray for him to have a better week.”  I was overcome with gratitude, so when I filled out the attendance card I put in the prayer request section for J to adjust to school.


Monday his new parapro arrived at the car to greet us along with the inclusion specialist.  J got out  of the car on his own (Friday I had to take him out) and then proceeded to get in a low branched tree.  She made the right move and went to him and asked him to make the choice to come to class.  She actually used the word “choice.”  We noticed from an early age that J responds to choices better than ultimatums.  I drove off but then circled around the parking lot to see if he went to class kicking and screaming like last week (okay he didn’t scream that I know of, but he was very resistant to the point of sitting on the sidewalk and being a dead weight.)  So when I got back to the front of the school, he was being carried in by the parapro, but he seemed relaxed and wasn’t fighting her.  When I picked him up from school his teacher was all smiles, and the parapro said they only had to go to the inclusion specialist’s room for about 5 minutes before he was ready to go to class.  This is great because it had been taking up to an hour to calm him down.


Tuesday Ms. O (parapro) came out for him her self and greeted him with a choice of small toys that he has attached to from the I.S. room.  Again she carried him in, but he wasn’t fighting her.  The teacher said it was his best day yet.  I was a little shocked because we had OT that morning (also his best session) and then were backed into in the McDonald’s drive-thru and everyone was feeling a little stressed from that.  We are okay, my van is in the shop and we have a rental courtesy of the other driver’s insurance.


Today was his first day riding the bus for this school year.  He got on okay, but then wouldn’t stay on.  His drivers seem very kind but experienced.  After I walked away they had to turn the bus off, so I guess he tried to get off, but they were able to drive away without calling me back out.  He has a lot of separation anxiety still, but I refuse to up his meds unless the anxiety lasts more than a month and is unmanageable.  He seems to be calming down at school with the help of a steady full time aide.  I didn’t get any notes from today, so I hope that no news is good news.  He says he had a good day and didn’t get in trouble, but he’s been lying or telling half truths.  His van driver seemed pleasant enough when she dropped him off, but he sure was being a chatter box.  The other kids didn’t even seem to know he was there.


So for everyone that prayed, sympathized, empathized, sent well wishes.  IT helped.  He settled in much faster these 3 days and I hope for continued success.


Oh and on Monday I told him if he was good this whole week, we would go to Grandma and Grandpa’s house on Friday.  Its all he has been talking about.  Its a good thing to hold over his head for a week of continued good behavior.  He gets a daily reward of computer time while his brother is napping.  Thankfully he has been good cause I don’t know what else I would have done with him.



One last thing.  Do any of you have any experience with Vyvanse?  Apparently most Dr.s are trying to get their patients to switch from Adderall XR to this longer acting ADHD med.  MY Dr. is no different.  He asked us about it last month and I told him I’d read up on it and let him know this month.  I’m a little conflicted about it, but right now the XR isn’t lasting all day so we are supplementing with a regular adderall after school.  I’m also looking for experience with vyvanse and risperdal together since we are already on the risperdal.  You can email me privately if you don’t want to spill your guts in the comments.  (Karameiaks at netscape dot net).  Thanks for your help.

What a difference a nap makes

and not in a good way!


I’ve written before about the sacredness of nap time in our house.  J turned 5 in March and has still been taking naps nearly daily until about Monday (1st day of Kindergarten.)  He went to bed almost an hour earlier that night so I decided to try it for the whole week.  When he gets home from school he eats, then plays some computer while I get Little J down for a nap, then he watches a movie while I read a book or doze off myself.  (I’m not ready to give up my naps!)  However, yesterday he kept wanting to go into his and his brother’s room while Little J was sleeping.  I finally told him that if he went in there again that he would have to go lay down on my bed.  Well he pushed his limits and we went to lay down.  I was hoping he would just relax and not fall asleep, although I was pretty tired myself.  well he did fall asleep.  I didn’t let him stay asleep more than 45 minutes, but then he was groggy for another hour.


Here’s where the bad part comes in.  Despite playing outside and taking his melatonin, he still fought off bed time until 11pm.  He had been going to sleep around 9pm for the whole week.  He  ended up losing his park outing for Saturday morning because not only would he not go to sleep but he wouldn’t stay in his bed or even in his room.  He eventually fell asleep in the alcove/hallway outside his bedroom.


So as much as I hate to say it, we are cancelling nap time for J.  I think some days he still needs the extra sleep, but not to the detriment of bed time and my sanity.  Oh and it doesn’t matter one way or another, bed times, nap times, melatonin, whatever, he has been waking up around 5:30-6:30 every morning.  Except of course Sundays when I need him awake the earliest, then I am dragging him out of bed at 8am.

Good Thing I looked before I leaped

I almost posted on Monday about how well J did on his first day of Kindergarten.  Good thing I didn’t.  He had an awful rest of the week with incidences including running away, spitting, and biting.  UGH!


He should have a permanent parapro on Monday.  Transportation should start soon.  Once we get in a routine and put a bus ride between separation and class starting things should go better.  I hope.


Side note:  He’s a had a rocky start every day and goes a little crazy/aggressive the first hour.  Then he does wonderful the last 2 hours.  So there is hope.  It’s the transitions that are killing us.


Oh and in other “first” news, J lost his first tooth.  The tooth fairy brought him M&Ms.  Little J now asks every day, “When I get a tooth fairy, I get M&Ms?”

Test Kitchen

Here is one of the blogs thats been in my head and I should have written it long ago.  Just a reminder, I did get free samples from Bob’s Red Mill, but I was not asked to blog about it, nor am I being paid (besides the no-strings samples), I just want to share our GF/wheat free diet adventures.

Back in June when we were at my parents’ house for a week, I did some baking.  Once before I used the Bob’s Red Mill Brownie Mix to make cupcakes.  They were only mildly successful, as I burned the bottoms.  J still eats them though. 

So back to “Grandma and Grandpa’s” house.  J wanted to do some cooking so I promised he could help me bake a cake.  We got out the brownie mix and copied the recipefrom Bob’s Red Mill site for modifying it and got to work.  We realized though that we didn’t have the bundt pan it called for so we decided on 4-5 mini foil loaf pans left over from Christmas pumpkin bread baking.  In the end it took 5 pans.  We made it too late to taste it that night, but they smelled wonderful.  Unlike the cupcakes, which I made in paper cups, I sprayed the pans withcooking spray and then dusted with plain rice flour.  My mom has been very sensitive to and supportive of the boys’ new diet, but when it came time to grease the pans, she suggested Baker’s Joy.  Yeah we laughed about it.


Next morning was moving day for my sister and BIL.  I subscribe to the Bill Cosby philosophy so the boys had Chocolate Cake for breakfast.  The wife of the couple that were helping move (out of my parent’s house and into an apartment) is also wheat free so we sent a loaf with her.  Later that weekend, she said she shared it on a camping trip and no one knew the difference.  This cake is GOOD!  We finished the first pan and took one home with us.  We left the other two wrapped in foil in the freezer. 

4th of July weekend was another family BBQ/birthday party.  When we bought the family b-day cake we also bought some frosting.  Side note:  Read the ingredients on store bought icing.  I thought it was all the same sugar and milk.  NOPE.  Betty Crocker puts wheat in all of their icings.  So we went with Pilsbury.  The thawed cake was still moist and yummy.  The boys even asked for seconds.  We took the last cake loaf to a BBQ at a friend’s house on the 5th, didn’t want to deprive the boys of sweets.  🙂


I will be making this again, especially in the loaf pans to freeze and save for events when thee will be cake that the boys can not eat.


I tested a new pizza theory this past week too.  I made the usual  GF Pizza crust and then topped it with sauce and cheese.  they ate some and I froze the rest.  We get 2 pizzas out of one package of crust though.  The directions say you can store it in the fridge for a few days, but last time I did that, I couldn’t get it unstuck and spread out and it didn’t rise right.  So this time I did the pre-baking and then sliced it and froze it untopped.  Here’s the thing.  J doesn’t like it when the cheese melts into the red sauce and turns brown.  He thinks I put some kind of topping on his pizza and has a hard time believing it is just cheese and sauce.  By freezing the crust first, I can now add cool sauce and cheese to a cool crust and microwave.  The cheese stays white and he was very happy with the results last night.

This morning I made a double batch of Bob’s Red Mill Pancake Mix to celebrate the 1st day of school.  When they cool I will freeze the rest.  I also promised J that I would make Hot Dogs on a Stick (corn dogs) while he is in school so that he can have one when he gets home.

 Today or tomorrow I will also be trying a new bread recipe “Our Favorite White Bread“.  I found it on the back of Bob’s Red Mill Potato Starch package  (I ended up putting the package back though because another brand was on sale for about 1/3 of the cost but looked it up online. )  As a rule, I usually bought the kids and family, whole grain breads, but I am getting desperate.  J wants to eat sandwiches again, but our last few attempts at the Homemade Wonderful Breadhave been less than stellar.  I turned the last batch (baked in the crock-pot) into French toast and they have tolerated it, but that’s probably due to the syrup. 🙂


Some of you have asked if we are noticing behavior changes in the boys being on the diet.  NOPE.  But digestively, things are more on track.  I have noticed that on 2 occasions when someone gave J wheat snacks unknowingly, he had a headache and tummy ache the next day.

My Rainbow

I got a new camera this weekend.  I got the perfect opportunity to take a picture tonight.


so I was trying to think of how I could show you my picture and make it relevant to my blog……

It came to me immediately that J is MY rainbow.  We had just left a terrible monsoon in our driveway and as we drove towards our friend’s house on the other side of town, the sun was shining, but there were doom and gloom clouds just on the other side of this rainbow.  Basic science: rain+sun = rainbow.  It takes both for such a beautiful outcome.  There will be no rainbow if every day is sunny and vice versa.  J is wonderful, I love him.  BUT it takes the stormy days lined with sunshine to make him who he is.  At the end of the day, no matter how frustrated I am, I gotta take the good with the bad to love him exactly how he is.

I can’t believe it!

First off I just checked “my dashboard” and I hadn’t written anything in almost 3 weeks.  Unfortunately I have started many blogs in my head that never make it to the computer.  I think of them usually while driving and then when I get home, read everyone else’s blogs, and get the kids in bed, I’ve forgotten the premise of my post.  Oh well, I’ll get you caught up.


Secondly, I can’t believe that my darling J is not only 5 years old (March) but he will be starting Kindergarten TOMORROW July 14th.  We moved to a district withyear round school.  On Thursday we met with the school’s inclusion specialist and J’s teacher.  Then I went back for meet the teacher night so that I couldmeet some of the parents.  I knew that his new school was good, I didn’t know how good.  Not only does he have a wonderful teacher with plenty of energy and warmth but there is a full time aide in the classroom.  AND he will be assigned a para pro to be HIS aide.  As of Thursday it was uncertain whether his para pro would be available (since his IEP had not made it to the new school yet, they hadn’t officially hired one, but were working furiously on it) but the inclusion specialist felt that there would probably be one or two other aides in the classroom who would be able to make sure that his needs were identified and met.  We wrote an interim IEP that basically said the old one would stand with the exception of classroom placement (old one says self-contained autism classroom).  His Teacher Miss C.  is very organized and schedule oriented which is a perfect match for J and she has experience with picture schedules.  I had a question about transportation at meet the teacher.  She couldn’t answer it but directed me to the office.  On Friday morning she called me to make sure that I had gotten a satisfactory answer.  I like her.  I like a teacher that wants to stay in contact.  Transportation is not resolved yet, but the inclusion specialist offered to meet us at the parent drop off tomorrow so that he will see a familiar face.  Kindergarten is only half day and we are scheduled for afternoon class (11:35am).  I’m so glad that I don’t have to struggle to get him out of bed in the morning or into bed at night.  Now I just have to figure out when to feed him lunch.


Sorry this is all over the place.  I am excited and nervous all at once.  It will be fine, but it might be a rocky start.  He hasn’t decided if he wants to go or not.  He waivers between being excited and not wanting to go, or only wanting to go to his old school.

We will be reviewing Usborne First Experiences Going to School in the morning.

I’ll be back tomorrow to let you know how it goes.