I can’t believe it!

First off I just checked “my dashboard” and I hadn’t written anything in almost 3 weeks.  Unfortunately I have started many blogs in my head that never make it to the computer.  I think of them usually while driving and then when I get home, read everyone else’s blogs, and get the kids in bed, I’ve forgotten the premise of my post.  Oh well, I’ll get you caught up.


Secondly, I can’t believe that my darling J is not only 5 years old (March) but he will be starting Kindergarten TOMORROW July 14th.  We moved to a district withyear round school.  On Thursday we met with the school’s inclusion specialist and J’s teacher.  Then I went back for meet the teacher night so that I couldmeet some of the parents.  I knew that his new school was good, I didn’t know how good.  Not only does he have a wonderful teacher with plenty of energy and warmth but there is a full time aide in the classroom.  AND he will be assigned a para pro to be HIS aide.  As of Thursday it was uncertain whether his para pro would be available (since his IEP had not made it to the new school yet, they hadn’t officially hired one, but were working furiously on it) but the inclusion specialist felt that there would probably be one or two other aides in the classroom who would be able to make sure that his needs were identified and met.  We wrote an interim IEP that basically said the old one would stand with the exception of classroom placement (old one says self-contained autism classroom).  His Teacher Miss C.  is very organized and schedule oriented which is a perfect match for J and she has experience with picture schedules.  I had a question about transportation at meet the teacher.  She couldn’t answer it but directed me to the office.  On Friday morning she called me to make sure that I had gotten a satisfactory answer.  I like her.  I like a teacher that wants to stay in contact.  Transportation is not resolved yet, but the inclusion specialist offered to meet us at the parent drop off tomorrow so that he will see a familiar face.  Kindergarten is only half day and we are scheduled for afternoon class (11:35am).  I’m so glad that I don’t have to struggle to get him out of bed in the morning or into bed at night.  Now I just have to figure out when to feed him lunch.


Sorry this is all over the place.  I am excited and nervous all at once.  It will be fine, but it might be a rocky start.  He hasn’t decided if he wants to go or not.  He waivers between being excited and not wanting to go, or only wanting to go to his old school.

We will be reviewing Usborne First Experiences Going to School in the morning.

I’ll be back tomorrow to let you know how it goes.

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