Good Thing I looked before I leaped

I almost posted on Monday about how well J did on his first day of Kindergarten.  Good thing I didn’t.  He had an awful rest of the week with incidences including running away, spitting, and biting.  UGH!


He should have a permanent parapro on Monday.  Transportation should start soon.  Once we get in a routine and put a bus ride between separation and class starting things should go better.  I hope.


Side note:  He’s a had a rocky start every day and goes a little crazy/aggressive the first hour.  Then he does wonderful the last 2 hours.  So there is hope.  It’s the transitions that are killing us.


Oh and in other “first” news, J lost his first tooth.  The tooth fairy brought him M&Ms.  Little J now asks every day, “When I get a tooth fairy, I get M&Ms?”

3 comments on “Good Thing I looked before I leaped

  1. Congrats to Little J on the tooth!

    I am sorry K is not going so well. That was a really tough year for M as well. Hang in there. Things will get better.

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