Answered Prayers

Sunday, I told a friend at church how awful last week was for J in school and she said “I’ll pray for him to have a better week.”  I was overcome with gratitude, so when I filled out the attendance card I put in the prayer request section for J to adjust to school.


Monday his new parapro arrived at the car to greet us along with the inclusion specialist.  J got out  of the car on his own (Friday I had to take him out) and then proceeded to get in a low branched tree.  She made the right move and went to him and asked him to make the choice to come to class.  She actually used the word “choice.”  We noticed from an early age that J responds to choices better than ultimatums.  I drove off but then circled around the parking lot to see if he went to class kicking and screaming like last week (okay he didn’t scream that I know of, but he was very resistant to the point of sitting on the sidewalk and being a dead weight.)  So when I got back to the front of the school, he was being carried in by the parapro, but he seemed relaxed and wasn’t fighting her.  When I picked him up from school his teacher was all smiles, and the parapro said they only had to go to the inclusion specialist’s room for about 5 minutes before he was ready to go to class.  This is great because it had been taking up to an hour to calm him down.


Tuesday Ms. O (parapro) came out for him her self and greeted him with a choice of small toys that he has attached to from the I.S. room.  Again she carried him in, but he wasn’t fighting her.  The teacher said it was his best day yet.  I was a little shocked because we had OT that morning (also his best session) and then were backed into in the McDonald’s drive-thru and everyone was feeling a little stressed from that.  We are okay, my van is in the shop and we have a rental courtesy of the other driver’s insurance.


Today was his first day riding the bus for this school year.  He got on okay, but then wouldn’t stay on.  His drivers seem very kind but experienced.  After I walked away they had to turn the bus off, so I guess he tried to get off, but they were able to drive away without calling me back out.  He has a lot of separation anxiety still, but I refuse to up his meds unless the anxiety lasts more than a month and is unmanageable.  He seems to be calming down at school with the help of a steady full time aide.  I didn’t get any notes from today, so I hope that no news is good news.  He says he had a good day and didn’t get in trouble, but he’s been lying or telling half truths.  His van driver seemed pleasant enough when she dropped him off, but he sure was being a chatter box.  The other kids didn’t even seem to know he was there.


So for everyone that prayed, sympathized, empathized, sent well wishes.  IT helped.  He settled in much faster these 3 days and I hope for continued success.


Oh and on Monday I told him if he was good this whole week, we would go to Grandma and Grandpa’s house on Friday.  Its all he has been talking about.  Its a good thing to hold over his head for a week of continued good behavior.  He gets a daily reward of computer time while his brother is napping.  Thankfully he has been good cause I don’t know what else I would have done with him.



One last thing.  Do any of you have any experience with Vyvanse?  Apparently most Dr.s are trying to get their patients to switch from Adderall XR to this longer acting ADHD med.  MY Dr. is no different.  He asked us about it last month and I told him I’d read up on it and let him know this month.  I’m a little conflicted about it, but right now the XR isn’t lasting all day so we are supplementing with a regular adderall after school.  I’m also looking for experience with vyvanse and risperdal together since we are already on the risperdal.  You can email me privately if you don’t want to spill your guts in the comments.  (Karameiaks at netscape dot net).  Thanks for your help.

5 comments on “Answered Prayers

  1. Prayers are the best! I am so glad the week went better.

    I have not heard about the new medication. Risperdal, M was on for three years and then it stopped working so we switched to Seroquel. I know that is not what you are asking though.

    Good luck figuring it out. Med tweaking is always tough.

  2. Hello! just a lurker here 🙂

    I actually take Vyvanse, have been for about…2 months. My Dr. told me that it was being geared more towards adults rather than kids. I think it has been helpful for me. I have noticed some improvement in my ability to stay focused on one thing at a time, but I have been having some trouble with keeping myself on topic while talking. Unfortunately, I have noticed that I am saying “um” a lot while talking (more than usual) because I sometimes seem to lose my words. Bad side effect for me?? makes me SWEAT a lot. it sucks.

    Sorry, have never taken Risperdal – just Vyvanse for my ADD.


  3. I’m horrified when I read about kids kicking, punching and biting their school aides. These poor people make very little money and they get attacked. Aren’t there any consequences for this behavior?

  4. While I appreciate your concerns, you obviously are not aware of the challenges that accompany some special needs children (in school and at home). There are concequences but they are appropriate in response to the individual child. And while I choose to blog about some things, I do not write down every detail. If they suspended or expelled every child with behavioral challenges on the Autism spectrum, the schools would have very little special education program left. Thankfully our school has a behavoiral specialist on the campus to aid the teachers and aides in dealing with these children.

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