Just a short vent before I get on with my day!


Yesterday the bus arrived 10 minutes earlier than we were told it would be coming.  Good thing we were already ready.  Driver tells us it will be this time every day, not the later time.  Good bus rider etiquette dictates that the rider is waiting 5 minutes before scheduled time.

So today we go outside 5 minutes before the time it arrived yesterday and 15 minutes before the official schedule.  Hubby reluctantly went out with him in hopes that he would have less trouble separating from him than he does from me.  15 minutes later they are both hot, grumpy and ready to come inside.  So Little J and I go out to wait with J.  Another 10 minutes pass and I call transportation.  After waiting 5 minutes for them to get ahold of the driver and sort things out, it turns out they have switched buses/drivers for J and it will pick him up in another 5 minutes.  No one told the front office about the change so I didn’t get a call.  New driver only has a cell phone and no radio so they can’t call her.  almost 20 minutes later the new driver and bus arrive.  13 minutes AFTER the time the office said she would be there.  AND she has no aide.  I start to panic.  We have been waiting outside for almost an hour and there is no aide to keep J on the bus.  To top it off she asks me if I have a booster or car seat to put him in because they only have lap belts and no harnesses.  But while we are talking J gets on, chooses a seat at the very back (it is like greyhound bus seats with belts on a short white bus) and says he is buckled.  There are no tears and no running off the bus.  Fingers crossed this works.


I cleared up the time with the driver and she says it will be about this time every day instead of what dispatch told me because the other pick up is way across town and no way she can make it in the 5 minutes the office allotted.  I’m okay with this, its only a 10-15 minute ride to school now instead of a 40-50 minute ride.  What I’m not okay with is the lack of communication and waiting in the heat.


Oh well atleast the weeds got picked while we waited.

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