An Auction Ebay won’t allow

My 3 year old male NT child is up for auction or free to gypsies.

Here is what you can expect if you are the highest bidder:

Some or all of the following may happen in any 24 hour period.

Demands for a banana every morning and afternoon immediately upon waking.

Peeing on the floor should he not be reminded to head to the bathroom before having said banana.

Awake at the crack of dawn.

Raiding the kitchen at said crack of dawn.

Sneaking in the kitchen and dumping spices on the floor, on multiple occasions, despite being threatened with his life.

Dumping a canister of instant peach tea on kitchen floor for no good reason, other than it is mommy’s favorite beverage right now.



Snotty nose

Unrelenting wailing in public places

Unrelenting wailing at home

Picking on older brother

Bossing older brother

Taunting older brother

Crawling into bed with you at 5am crying for a banana and then falling asleep snuggled up against you and sleeping in later than usual (rare occasions, but its sweet.)

Your shopping will only consist of fruit, salami, hotdogs, chips, cheese, and yogurt.  No carbs necessary.

Endless blogging material.

So we’ll start the bidding at $0.10.  Any takers?  Grandma, you may want to get in on this before the general public snatches him up.



Stay tuned, there may be a 5 year old up for sale next week.

5 comments on “An Auction Ebay won’t allow

  1. I’ll buy him, but you have to raise him!!!!! He is My gift tio you. Grandma’ s do get their revenge.

    love you

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