Busy Bees

Friday Evening – went to Walgreen’s for some serious bargain shopping, McDonald’s for food and then spent a little over 2 hours at D’s house so that the boys could play.  And play they did, those wild monkeys.

Saturday Morning – Little J decided that 4am is a good time to wake up. And poop on the floor.  then poop in his underwear.  Then J has nightmares in my bed while thrashing because his bug bites were itching him.  Drag kids out of the house a little after 8 for a park play date.  Hit up more Walgreen’s bargains.

Saturday afternoon – sit on my computer and veg.

Saturday evening – head out for another park play date/picnic.  Stay for 2 1/2 hours while the kids get sand in every crevice.  Come home for a bath and stick them in bed.

Sunday- go to bible class and worship.  Home for lunch and naps.  Take J with me to a friend’s house for potluck and devotional.  Get home in time to let them watch a short movie and stick them in bed.

Monday morning – 8:30 am park play date, go for iced coffees afterwards, come home to cool down before rushing out to the bus.  Getting ready to go grocery shopping before J gets back from school.


When is nap time????

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