They really do exist.

Pink pancakes that is.

I made pancakes for dinner.  Both wheat free (with vanilla and almond flavor) and regular.  I asked J and Little J if they wanted pink ones and J said no but Little J said yes.  So at the end of the batter I added red food coloring.  T (5 year old boy I watch) saw them in the pan and told me emphatically, “Pink pancakes do not really exist.”

I beg to differ:


WHAT???  You don’t make hot pink pancakes for dinner at your house?  Oh and the usual tag… I doubled the wheat free batch and froze them along with the regular ones as well.


6 comments on “They really do exist.

  1. This is hilarious! I got to see my kids’ reaction!

    The thing that came to mind was an event in my past. One morning when I was young, I was in a pissy mood. My mom put green food colouring in the scrambled eggs and started quoting the Dr. Seuss book, “Green Eggs and Ham”. I was horrified and didn’t eat any breakfast, but my siblings were delighted.

    Thanks for sharing, and conjuring up a long-buried memory.

  2. Cute, I can almost here Adrian saying “eww” and gagging like he does if I try to feed him something he doesn’t recognize. I may have to try it though, my 8 year old would love it!

  3. Good grief! How very inventive. Whilst I’m here, I notice that you are wordpress and that you have a blog roll. So how did you manage that then? I have a big blank on that widget and a message saying it ‘cannot be altered’ or something like that. It’s fine on the blogger sites, but wordpress is still mystifying.

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