pretty tired

we are all tired today.

They performed the biopsy and we should have the results in a day or two.  that will determine the extent of dialysis needed in the future.

He also had a dialysis treatment that removed 9 POUNDS of excess fluid this afternoon.  He came back really tired and nausiated and didn’t feel much better the rest of the night.

He will have his longest session of dialysis tomorrow morning and then maybe he will be able to get some rest.

The doctors expected to have answers and a game plan by Thursday and even said that they may release him before the weekend.

Keep praying


Miss them like crazy

2 nights is Respite, 4 nights is sad, and eventually 6 nights will be heart wrenching.  I miss my babies.  But they don’t exactly miss me.  Their calls are getting shorter and they only call because grandma has orders to dial my number as soon as they say they are tired and ready for bed.  Saturday night they fell asleep before I could call to say goodnight.  They are having far too much fun 🙂


So hubby got back to the room a little after 5pm.  He’d had 3 hours of dialysis and an infection was pestering his body causing fever and chills.  They started antibiotics and when they were done they gave him steroids.  His chest hurt something serious but they gave him meds.  When I left at 10pm his fever and chills were gone and he was able to be up and walking.  Biopsy still scheduled for tomorrow morning.

waiting around

I got to the hospital at a little after 10 today and was told he’d be having the biopsy this morning and a asher catheter tonight to facilitate dialysis.  They came at 10:30 for the catheter surgery and postponed the biopsy until tomorrow.  After he was done with the short surgery, they made plans for him to go directly to dialysis.  I am still waiting for him to come back.  I’ve spent the day in his room playing secretary, fielding calls and visits of well wishers.  I also have been writing for my Savvy source job that I am sadly behind on for the new launch this week.  I managed to get all but 4 blogs written.

Now I am playing catch up on some favorite bloggers who I have neglected for over a month.  I didn’t read for a weekend in August and when I came home I had a silly rule that I was only going to read things in my feed that had less than 4 new.  Well I barely got caught up when people kept posting.  So some of my favorite reads have hit over 30 and well up to 100.  All this waiting is giving me time to read.  So much more relevant then my chick novel.  🙂

Kidney Update

We got to talk to the specialist today who was not happy with what he saw in the lab work.  Hubby’s kidneys are being attacked by his immune system.  There will be more tests on Monday and some specialized tets that have been sent to Utah will have results early this week.

For now they are suppressing his immune system with steroids.

He has been awake the whole time, but he is in a lot of pain.


Both boys are having a blast at Grandma and Grandpa’s.  They went to the zoo today and fell asleep early.  I didn’t even get to tell them goodnight, they went to bed so early.

“You have a wonderful evening”

That’s what the lady at the Jack in the Box drive through told me tonight.  I was stopping to get comfort food for dinner after spending almost 12 hours at the hospital with my husband today.  They admitted him for kidney problems (renal failure) and will be doing more tests.  Hopefully the specialist will be by to see him in the morning.

The kids were picked up by my parents after spending all day at my friend S’s house.  They will spend a few days with grandma and grandpa while we try to find out more about what is going on with hubby.

Ironically, I was planning on taking them there today to spend the next week “vacationing.”

Prayers are appreciated.


The boys took a surprise trip to Grandma and Grandpa’s house this weekend.  My sis and her hubby drove them up on Friday and I picked them up Sunday afternoon.  J was so tired both nights that he put himself to bed before I called to say goodnight.  That’s the sign of a fun and bust day.


Hubby and I took some time for ourselves, separately and together.  It was much needed.  I think the kids needed it too.  They came home pretty refreshed too.  Must be all that grandparent spoiling.  Can’t wait to do it again!

Conversations with God (part 2)

Since last week when J started changing thing up, he has gone back to a pattern, but it is a change in the old one.

Now we start with a “talk to God” but it is the same conversation every night.

J: God will you protect me? (pause…..looks me in the eyes) He said yes.

And every night I get a bit of a tear.

Last night, I didn’t hear him say the 1st part, but heard the “yes” so I asked him, “What did God say yes for?”

J: He said yes he will protect me from the boogey man.

Out of the mouths of babes.

Things on the burner

Here are some random things I am working on…


Review of gluten free white cake and new pizza crust

Baking a new loaf of GF bread with a new recipe

waiting for a new GF cookbook to review and a give away for you…details soon…I promise

Just hired to blog on Savvy Source as the editor of Being Savvy Local – Tucson


It is the last one that has kept me away from here more than I’ve wanted to.  After the local site launches in October, I will be better.  Right now I’ve got a lot of exploring to do around Tucson to gear up for all the writing.


Oh and a bit of happenings…J woke up after 10am today.  That’s 3-4 hours later than normal.  Because he was still eating breakfast as he got on the bus, and it was hours after the medicine alarm went off on the phone, I sent him to school unmedicated.  This is after he had a red card Tuesday and a yellow card Wednesday.  OOPS!!!  If he is having a bad day, I will just bring him home when I go to volunteer today.  Sorry teachers and aides, I didn’t do it on purpose.

Conversations with God

On the drive home from my parents’ house this is what J told me.  I tried to commit it to memory over the hour and half drive…


“Mommy I was grumpy so I talked to God.  I said ‘God, it’s me, it’s J.  God, I’m feeling grumpy because nobody is enjoying my teaparty and no one is *mumble mumble.’ and God said, ‘J, I know you are grumpy, but you need to behave.’ and I said ‘but I don’t want to, I’m grumpy!’ and God said, ‘J, behave.’ ‘But I wanted to play teaparty and no one is enjoying it, and I wanted to watch my movie but they wanted to watch a different one and now I’m GRUMPY!’ and then God still said ‘I know you are grumpy, but I want you to behave.’ and then I was done talking to God.”


All of this because the cousins came to visit and didn’t want to do the things he wanted to do.  But on the bright side, he hid in the bathroom for about 20 minutes to calm himself down.  He did still get in a scuffle after he came out and I had to take him to my room to lay down, but it could have been so much worse.  So I guess he talked to God in the bathroom.


Later on the way home he saw some lightening and said he was scared.  So I asked him “Who takes care of us when we are scared?”  He answered, “God does, but I’m still scared.”  So I encouraged him to talk to God about it.  “God, I don’t like storms, they scare me.  Please take care of it.”


For Bed, he has said the same prayer with little variation over the past year or more.  so tonight instead of saying “Say your prayers.”  I said, “It’s time to talk to God.”  He started out with, “God, its me.” and then reverted back to his scripted prayer.  But since we have had such an amazing weekend, I asked him, “Is there anything else you wanted to add?”  He thought about it and said yes and then added, “Thank you for the good movies at Grandma’s house like Aladdin King of thieves and keep me safe.”


I am grateful that even when he doesn’t have the words to express himself to me, he can talk to his heavenly father.