Conversations with God

On the drive home from my parents’ house this is what J told me.  I tried to commit it to memory over the hour and half drive…


“Mommy I was grumpy so I talked to God.  I said ‘God, it’s me, it’s J.  God, I’m feeling grumpy because nobody is enjoying my teaparty and no one is *mumble mumble.’ and God said, ‘J, I know you are grumpy, but you need to behave.’ and I said ‘but I don’t want to, I’m grumpy!’ and God said, ‘J, behave.’ ‘But I wanted to play teaparty and no one is enjoying it, and I wanted to watch my movie but they wanted to watch a different one and now I’m GRUMPY!’ and then God still said ‘I know you are grumpy, but I want you to behave.’ and then I was done talking to God.”


All of this because the cousins came to visit and didn’t want to do the things he wanted to do.  But on the bright side, he hid in the bathroom for about 20 minutes to calm himself down.  He did still get in a scuffle after he came out and I had to take him to my room to lay down, but it could have been so much worse.  So I guess he talked to God in the bathroom.


Later on the way home he saw some lightening and said he was scared.  So I asked him “Who takes care of us when we are scared?”  He answered, “God does, but I’m still scared.”  So I encouraged him to talk to God about it.  “God, I don’t like storms, they scare me.  Please take care of it.”


For Bed, he has said the same prayer with little variation over the past year or more.  so tonight instead of saying “Say your prayers.”  I said, “It’s time to talk to God.”  He started out with, “God, its me.” and then reverted back to his scripted prayer.  But since we have had such an amazing weekend, I asked him, “Is there anything else you wanted to add?”  He thought about it and said yes and then added, “Thank you for the good movies at Grandma’s house like Aladdin King of thieves and keep me safe.”


I am grateful that even when he doesn’t have the words to express himself to me, he can talk to his heavenly father.

3 comments on “Conversations with God

  1. That is totally precious. I am so glad you memorized it. I love prayers like that. God does give good advice…but boy do I ever understand how hard it can be to follow!

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