Things on the burner

Here are some random things I am working on…


Review of gluten free white cake and new pizza crust

Baking a new loaf of GF bread with a new recipe

waiting for a new GF cookbook to review and a give away for you…details soon…I promise

Just hired to blog on Savvy Source as the editor of Being Savvy Local – Tucson


It is the last one that has kept me away from here more than I’ve wanted to.  After the local site launches in October, I will be better.  Right now I’ve got a lot of exploring to do around Tucson to gear up for all the writing.


Oh and a bit of happenings…J woke up after 10am today.  That’s 3-4 hours later than normal.  Because he was still eating breakfast as he got on the bus, and it was hours after the medicine alarm went off on the phone, I sent him to school unmedicated.  This is after he had a red card Tuesday and a yellow card Wednesday.  OOPS!!!  If he is having a bad day, I will just bring him home when I go to volunteer today.  Sorry teachers and aides, I didn’t do it on purpose.

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