waiting around

I got to the hospital at a little after 10 today and was told he’d be having the biopsy this morning and a asher catheter tonight to facilitate dialysis.  They came at 10:30 for the catheter surgery and postponed the biopsy until tomorrow.  After he was done with the short surgery, they made plans for him to go directly to dialysis.  I am still waiting for him to come back.  I’ve spent the day in his room playing secretary, fielding calls and visits of well wishers.  I also have been writing for my Savvy source job that I am sadly behind on for the new launch this week.  I managed to get all but 4 blogs written.

Now I am playing catch up on some favorite bloggers who I have neglected for over a month.  I didn’t read for a weekend in August and when I came home I had a silly rule that I was only going to read things in my feed that had less than 4 new.  Well I barely got caught up when people kept posting.  So some of my favorite reads have hit over 30 and well up to 100.  All this waiting is giving me time to read.  So much more relevant then my chick novel.  🙂


3 comments on “waiting around

  1. Sorry = I do not lurk, I was interrupted! You know how that goes. Anyway, you’re my little spot of respite after the homework debacle.

    So glad to hear that the action/recovery plan is well on the way. I am not a very patient person and ‘waiting for results’ is the equivalent of mental torture.

    Also glad to hear that you had the opportunity to brush up on your secretarial skills!
    Best wishes as always

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