pretty tired

we are all tired today.

They performed the biopsy and we should have the results in a day or two.  that will determine the extent of dialysis needed in the future.

He also had a dialysis treatment that removed 9 POUNDS of excess fluid this afternoon.  He came back really tired and nausiated and didn’t feel much better the rest of the night.

He will have his longest session of dialysis tomorrow morning and then maybe he will be able to get some rest.

The doctors expected to have answers and a game plan by Thursday and even said that they may release him before the weekend.

Keep praying

4 comments on “pretty tired

  1. Praying for strength, peace, comfort and HEALING. I know you miss your boys, but what a blessing to have Grandparents that can be there for you.

  2. Keeping you and your hubs in my prayers. How wonderful that the grandparents are there to take such great care of your boys so you can focus on Hubs.

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