I got a lot of good news to share.

First off, sorry to leave you hanging.  Hubby had dialysis off and on for about 2 weeks.  Then last week he didn’t have to have any, based on blood tests.  Monday of this week they did more tests and decided he was on the road to recovery and has about 50% kidney function back.  He called the surgeon to get an appointment to get his Asher catheter removed, but the 1st available appointment is on the 31st.  Then he will be free.  His first day back to work will be the 1st.  Thank you for all your thoughts, prayers, comments and emails.  It felt good to have you all to come to every night knowing I’d have a response back in the morning.

Next, J went back to school last Monday.  He had an awesome 3 days and then his behavior plummeted on Thursday.  By Friday, his behavior at school and home caused a loss of computer privileges for the entire weekend.  He brought home a green card yesterday and got it back.  So we are up and down, but it is a reverse.  He is having good Mondays and bad Fridays.

And finally for this post, my new gig at Savvy Source launched today.  You can get to it from my blogroll or bookmark  Right now it is there, but it is a secret.  There are no links to it or any of the other new city editors anywhere on the main page.  Hopefully that will be fixed soon.  Even if you don’t live in Tucson, stop by once in a while, there will be posts on items of interest for everyone.


Now that the pressure is off with the new blog launch and hubby’s health, I will be back here more often.


Answers, FINALLY!

First off, sorry if I scared you by not updating yesterday.  I got home very late after watching a whole lineup of season premiers with hubby.  And I was emotionally worn.  I called J and he broke down weeping.  He had an awful day yesterday.  Nothing went his way and it devastated him.  He also started to miss me.  If it wasn’t enough to hear him so upset earlier in the evening (he was fine for the bed time call), it was worse the 2ndtime around when I was checking my voicemail on the way home.  He had called me before I called him, but my phone was dead.  So I listened to his sobbing call just before arriving home.  I told ya’ll I’d be heart broken by night 6.  Tonight is night 7 and I can’t wait to see them tomorrow afternoon.

So here is the update part:

Your prayers have worked.

The kidney doctor came to us in happy shock today.  He said the the ball of capillaries that filters the toxins in a kidney are in perfect condition.  If they weren’t it could mean some horrible treatments and not a good chance for full recovery.

Instead, the biopsy showed that it was just the tubules that were injured.  this is the part that leads away from the center of the kidney andfilters out the urine to send out of the body.

So it is like getting the inside of your body bruised.  it swells up and breaks some capillaries, but it eventually heals.  The doctor expects a full recovery in about a month’s time.  In the meantime Steven will stay on out patient dialysis to filter toxins from the body and be on a renal diet that is low sodium, potassium, phosphates, and fluids.

Once he urinates about a quart in one day, he should be in the clear and they will run blood tests and stop dialysis temporarily to see if his numbers continue in a downward trend.  as long as they do, they will then remove the catheter from his chest and he will be considered fully recovered.

Praise God!

Tomorrow he will re-enlist in the air force for another 4 years (yes in his hospital room) and then have his last treatment of inpatient dialysis before being discharged.  We’ll come home, pack, run and errand or two and then head to mom and dads for the weekend.  FINALLY.