I got a lot of good news to share.

First off, sorry to leave you hanging.  Hubby had dialysis off and on for about 2 weeks.  Then last week he didn’t have to have any, based on blood tests.  Monday of this week they did more tests and decided he was on the road to recovery and has about 50% kidney function back.  He called the surgeon to get an appointment to get his Asher catheter removed, but the 1st available appointment is on the 31st.  Then he will be free.  His first day back to work will be the 1st.  Thank you for all your thoughts, prayers, comments and emails.  It felt good to have you all to come to every night knowing I’d have a response back in the morning.

Next, J went back to school last Monday.  He had an awesome 3 days and then his behavior plummeted on Thursday.  By Friday, his behavior at school and home caused a loss of computer privileges for the entire weekend.  He brought home a green card yesterday and got it back.  So we are up and down, but it is a reverse.  He is having good Mondays and bad Fridays.

And finally for this post, my new gig at Savvy Source launched today.  You can get to it from my blogroll or bookmark  Right now it is there, but it is a secret.  There are no links to it or any of the other new city editors anywhere on the main page.  Hopefully that will be fixed soon.  Even if you don’t live in Tucson, stop by once in a while, there will be posts on items of interest for everyone.


Now that the pressure is off with the new blog launch and hubby’s health, I will be back here more often.


6 comments on “EEEEEEK!

  1. So much going on. I am so happy to hear that your husband is doing okay. I can imagine with the appointments you are beyond busy. I hope the behavior gets better for J…those ups and downs can be tricky. Hugs.

  2. Wow, it’s been a while since I’ve had a chance to come around and I missed so much. I am so glad that your husband is doing better! Hang in there!

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