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Awhile back I was asked to review a GF/CF cookbook for kids.  Due to family issues, illness, emergencies etc. I just got around to doing it.

You can read my review, check out a school lunch recipe, and enter for a giveaway at

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sick days

Yesterday we went to the park at 9:40am.¬† J played and then rested intermittently.¬† then at 10:20 he was begging to go home.¬† On the 15 minute drive home, he would have fallen asleep if it weren’t for Little J’s chattering.¬† When we got home I gave him the choice of staying home in bed or going to school.¬† He originally picked go to school and then quickly changed his mind.¬† He didn’t have any fever.¬† Every once in a while he would say his tummy hurt and then it would be better 5 minutes later.¬† But we got home and he took off his clothes and got in bed with a few books and was content to stay there.¬† About 15 minutes after school would have started this is what I found:


That would be his head and hand asleep in his book.  He slept like that for 90 minutes.


Today he stayed home as well.¬† I woke up at 5am with the stomach flu from hell.¬† A walk to the kitchen felt like a 20 hour marathon.¬† I gave him the choice again to stay home and he took it, but didn’t seem to sick.¬† Although at some point him and LittleJ put themselves down for naps while I slept in the dark dark bedroom.¬† I feel like I am on the mend now.¬† So far I’ve kept down a pedialyte Popsicle and half a glass of water.¬† May go for the saltines in an hour or so.¬† My head is down to a mild throb.

Oh and what I had for dinner last night was SPICY.¬† So it seared my throat this morning and I couldn’t talk without the vibrations bringing on waves of nausea.¬† I used my cell phone for texting requests.¬† Ahhh technology.¬† Hubby had the day off but stayed up all night so he was only so helpful till about 9am.

P.S. lately my blog has been getting tons of search hits from the “stomach bug” tab.¬† It feels like it was a warning.

Dressing up is Good For the Kids

Dawn over at Kaiseralex is having an awesome giveaway.  If you leave a comment in her post you could win one of 5 different Melissa and Doug Role Play and Dress Up courtesy of Angie at Good For the Kids.


You all know my boys love to dress up.¬† I post cute and embarrassing pictures every chance I get.¬† Some days Little J dresses up just so I will take pictures and show him on the LCD screen what he looks like.¬† We’d love some of this gear to add to our dress up box.¬† The boys’ imaginations will run wild.

here's one of my little ham

my little ham

Back on Wheat

I took Little J for his well check-up (yes a million months late) today.  We had gone to urgent care a few wekks ago because he was complaining about his ears.  Turns out they were full of fluid from his allergies so they prescribed the active ingredient in Zyrtec.  when I went to pick it up from the pharmacy they said my insurace didnt cover it because I can buy it on the shelf.  All well and good because it was cheaper on the shelf.  So the base clinic set up an appointment and said they could prescribe some for him if he could take a pill.  (he does.)


So today we left the clinic with

-a pill prescription of zyrtec

-a referral for an allergist to run an alergy panel to make sure it is just environmental factors causing his congestion and not foods

-a referral for an ear nose and throat doctor to make sure his tonsils are not the cause of his horrible snoring and poor sleep

-orders to eat wheat for the next 3 weeks in preparation for a blood draw to test for celiacs

I am not looking forward to feeding him wheat.¬† We just had a whole week wth only one pair of dirty underwear.¬† Wheat means an every day occurance.¬† *POUT*¬† But hopefully we will know after the bood draw and the allergy tests what the real story with wheat/oats/gluten and Little J’s tummy is.

The Perfect week…

…at school that is.¬† J started school on July 14th.¬† In late August, his aide started a sticker chart.¬† In the beginning he could earn 3 stickers a day.¬† If he did, he would get computer time or free time at the end of the day.¬† After fall break, the chart changed to 4 stickers a day and a sharpie star for getting off the bus with a good attitude.¬† (There are 5 boxes per day so this makes more sense to him.)

Since starting Zoloft 3 weeks ago, his charts have been more filled in and there have been more stars for bus behavior.¬† This week he came home with a perfect chart.¬† His teacher and aide raved about his wonderful attitude and how much he wants to learn now.¬† He gets off the bus with plenty of time to play with his classmates, he enters the classroom and asks to get right to work.¬† He finishes all of the classroom work ahead of time and then moves on to extra work from the 1st grade curriculum.¬†¬† He is doing a lot of work in the “pod.” But this is because he is on a different track from the rest of the class, not for behavior issues.¬† He is still joining the group for some of their activities and recess.¬† I sometimes wish he was with them more, but on the other hand, I am glad that he now wants to go to school.¬† That’s right.¬† Instead of pulling, tugging, and weeping¬†on me when the bus comes for him and then doing a 180 when he gets to school, he is happy the whole morning.¬† He now wants to wait for the bus and hops up the stairs babbling to his drivers about his latest book from the library.¬† He doesn’t even turn to wave any more.¬† His driver gives me a thumbs up and shuts the door.¬† So for the time being we have the perfect cocktail.¬† Medications, motivations, and challenging work.¬†

Oh and as a bonus for the week, we went to open play at the gymnastics center Friday morning and his friend Sam (a girl) from school was there.¬† The very first time we went to gymnastics she was there and they played hard.¬† From that point on I encouraged his aide to foster the friendship.¬† The next week she drew some pictures for him and sent them home in his folder, he wrote a thankyou note with prodding)¬†to give her back.¬† (awww sweet) Her mom said on Friday that Sam talks about J all the time and genuinely likes him.¬† After the session was over we exchanged numbers and emails.¬† It turns out they live only a street over from us.¬† Here’s hoping for more successful playdates!¬† (Oh and there is a little sister close to Little J’s age too.)

The weekend was not so perfect, but that is another post.

Klepto and a giveaway

J has gotten himself into some serious hi-jinx lately.¬† It started a couple of weeks ago when we were at a friend’s house for Sunday night¬†small group.¬† One of the ladies noticed J taking a candlestick from the dining armoire and told him to put it back.¬† Later he was at it again and my friend, the homeowner, said that for more than a month now, she has been finding the candlesticks hidden in weird places through out the week and now she knows why.¬† She let it go and said it was harmless.¬† So he took that as permission I guess.¬† He started hiding the decorative pumpkins and votive candles¬†from the living room.

Last week he was hiding the same things as well as a decorative glass bottle of oil.¬† I was worried about that one busting on the host’s home.¬† The host is amazing and a mom of 4.¬† She pretty much just let it go again.¬† Sweet, but it backfired.¬† On the way home we talked about respecting other people’s things.¬† Tried a little empathy reasoning, “Would you like it if she came to our house and hid your special blankets and bear?”¬† Noooooo.

We talked about it this week on the way there.¬† He agreed to follow the rules.¬† Part way into the evening I asked her if anything had gone missing and she said she caught him looking at the armoire, but that he didn’t take anything.¬† About 30 minutes later, she was gathering things from the extra room and I realized she was taking it back to the armoire.¬† He EMPTIED EVERY DRAWER AND CABINET he could reach!¬† and hid it all over the house.¬† UGH!!!!¬† I made him go on a treasure hunt to gather it all back up.¬† AND she still wasn’t strict with him.¬† So I told him if he takes her things next week, I will hide his when we get home.¬† Do you know what that stinker said?¬† “Great, then I’ll have fun looking for them.¬† I’m a great finder!”

HELP!!!!!!!!!! Any Advice?

Okay if you stuck with me this long, I have a giveaway to send you to.¬† As moms we can have difficulties finding sitters, as moms of special needs kids it can be darn near impossible.¬† Tech Savvy Mama is giving away a year’s membership to sittercity.¬† They have qualified sitters, some have background checks, and many have references available.¬† If you don’t want to enter the contest (be sure to include you email for her, you can use the discount code available.¬† The code is Sitter10 for 10% off.

Sensory Friendly Films

If the closest place wasnt too far away, I’d try and take J.¬† Then again, he is such a rules police that he might get more upset about kids getting up and talking than he would about normally being told¬† to be quiet.

From the Autism Society of America page:

Don’t miss the next Sensory Friendly Film!

Madagascar 2
November 8, 2008

10 a.m. local time

AMC Entertainment (AMC) and ASA have teamed up to bring families affected by autism and other disabilities a special opportunity to enjoy their favorite films in a safe and accepting environment on a monthly basis with the¬†“Sensory Friendly Films”¬†program.

In order to provide a more accepting and comfortable setting for this unique audience, the movie auditoriums will have their lights brought up and the sound turned down, families will be able to bring in their own gluten-free, casein-free snacks, and no previews or advertisements¬†will be shown before the movie. Additionally, audience members are welcome to get up and dance, walk, shout or sing – in other words, AMC‚Äôs ‚ÄúSilence is Golden¬ģ‚ÄĚ policy will not be enforced unless the safety of the audience is questioned.

Tickets are $4-6 depending on location and can be purchased on the day of the event.


Check the link above to see if this is coming to a theater near you.

If this isn’ coming near you, would you go if it did?

More social networking

I decided last night that I will not stress out about NaBloPoMo this year.  I did it last year on myspace and while I did post everyday, some of the posts sucked.  Figured you guys are all too busy to read garbage and would rather some more meaningful posts even if they are more sparse.


BUT today I broke down and joined facebook.  You can join my network by clicking the widget in the column.  I had a few reasons.  One being that several of my friends have jumped the myspace ship and are on facebook more.  If I want to see pictures of their kiddos I had to join.  second being I needed a new place to promote my savvy source job.  We have to be self promoters and facebook seems to be the place to do it.

I am moving slowly, but I hate to miss out.  so maybe I will be on twitter next.   AHHHHH!  I used to be a forward thinker and technology innovator.  Now I like being stuck and comfy.

Experiment failed!

J has been taking Melatonin in varying doses over the past 8 months or so.  It has really helped him get to sleep, stay asleep (not wander the house and change beds 3-4 times a night) and sleep until after the sun rises (at least 7am most mornings.)


Little J also takes Melatonin.¬† After we realized how well it was working for J with no side effects, we realized our little one was not getting enough sleep either.¬† He still wakes once a night and gets in bed with me.¬† But if he sleeps in my bed, he sleeps later.¬† If I am mean and send him back to his bed, he is awake at the butt crack of dawn.¬† Have I told you I’m not a morning person???


I also stay up late and enjoy time to myself.  My kiddos go to bed a bit later than most other families, but it works for us.


That was the back story.  now we get to the experiment.

J started a new med this week to help him with some overwhelming anxiety that seemed to have no cause and no end in sight.¬† It was affecting his school life and home life.¬† It was bad, really bad.¬† The new med “can make some kids sleepy” (the Dr. thought we might be able to stop the Melatonin) so we decided to give it to him around 5:30 pm so that it would not make him too tired during the day, but also not need to be given to him at a weird time.¬† It didn’t seem to make him very sleepy in the evenings, but then again, he is the most wound up because his ADHD meds are wearing off too.¬† So tonight, not being a school night or a candy induced whirlwind, I gave him his new anti-anxiety at bed time and no melatonin.¬†

An hour later after popping out of bed with every excuse multiple times, and showing no signs of slowing down, I broke down and gave him the Melatonin.  He was asleep shortly after.

Really, I had gotten so used to the peaceful nights that I had forgotten how stressful it used to be.  When he takes the Melatonin he falls asleep with in 5-10 minutes of crawling in bed.  Now if only Little J would be as quick.