Experiment failed!

J has been taking Melatonin in varying doses over the past 8 months or so.  It has really helped him get to sleep, stay asleep (not wander the house and change beds 3-4 times a night) and sleep until after the sun rises (at least 7am most mornings.)


Little J also takes Melatonin.  After we realized how well it was working for J with no side effects, we realized our little one was not getting enough sleep either.  He still wakes once a night and gets in bed with me.  But if he sleeps in my bed, he sleeps later.  If I am mean and send him back to his bed, he is awake at the butt crack of dawn.  Have I told you I’m not a morning person???


I also stay up late and enjoy time to myself.  My kiddos go to bed a bit later than most other families, but it works for us.


That was the back story.  now we get to the experiment.

J started a new med this week to help him with some overwhelming anxiety that seemed to have no cause and no end in sight.  It was affecting his school life and home life.  It was bad, really bad.  The new med “can make some kids sleepy” (the Dr. thought we might be able to stop the Melatonin) so we decided to give it to him around 5:30 pm so that it would not make him too tired during the day, but also not need to be given to him at a weird time.  It didn’t seem to make him very sleepy in the evenings, but then again, he is the most wound up because his ADHD meds are wearing off too.  So tonight, not being a school night or a candy induced whirlwind, I gave him his new anti-anxiety at bed time and no melatonin. 

An hour later after popping out of bed with every excuse multiple times, and showing no signs of slowing down, I broke down and gave him the Melatonin.  He was asleep shortly after.

Really, I had gotten so used to the peaceful nights that I had forgotten how stressful it used to be.  When he takes the Melatonin he falls asleep with in 5-10 minutes of crawling in bed.  Now if only Little J would be as quick.

2 comments on “Experiment failed!

  1. Wow – sounds like the melatonin really works well for you guys. I tried giving Nick melatonin ONCE. He ended up staying awake and revved up until 5am that night. I couldn’t find any documentation on paradoxical reactions with melatonin, but I’m not about to try it again to find out, either. Luckily, we seem to have ironed out most of our sleep issues without having to try any sleep aids (knock on wood).

  2. Medication and melatnonin tweaking is tough work but so worth it. M takes Melatonin too. One day I thought I had put it in the medication boxes for the week but had not. It took me two days of M not sleeping much at all to realize I had forgotten to include the Melatonin. Argh! It did prove to me once again that it really does help…A LOT!

    I am so glad that it is helping your kids as well.

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