Klepto and a giveaway

J has gotten himself into some serious hi-jinx lately.  It started a couple of weeks ago when we were at a friend’s house for Sunday night small group.  One of the ladies noticed J taking a candlestick from the dining armoire and told him to put it back.  Later he was at it again and my friend, the homeowner, said that for more than a month now, she has been finding the candlesticks hidden in weird places through out the week and now she knows why.  She let it go and said it was harmless.  So he took that as permission I guess.  He started hiding the decorative pumpkins and votive candles from the living room.

Last week he was hiding the same things as well as a decorative glass bottle of oil.  I was worried about that one busting on the host’s home.  The host is amazing and a mom of 4.  She pretty much just let it go again.  Sweet, but it backfired.  On the way home we talked about respecting other people’s things.  Tried a little empathy reasoning, “Would you like it if she came to our house and hid your special blankets and bear?”  Noooooo.

We talked about it this week on the way there.  He agreed to follow the rules.  Part way into the evening I asked her if anything had gone missing and she said she caught him looking at the armoire, but that he didn’t take anything.  About 30 minutes later, she was gathering things from the extra room and I realized she was taking it back to the armoire.  He EMPTIED EVERY DRAWER AND CABINET he could reach!  and hid it all over the house.  UGH!!!!  I made him go on a treasure hunt to gather it all back up.  AND she still wasn’t strict with him.  So I told him if he takes her things next week, I will hide his when we get home.  Do you know what that stinker said?  “Great, then I’ll have fun looking for them.  I’m a great finder!”

HELP!!!!!!!!!! Any Advice?

Okay if you stuck with me this long, I have a giveaway to send you to.  As moms we can have difficulties finding sitters, as moms of special needs kids it can be darn near impossible.  Tech Savvy Mama is giving away a year’s membership to sittercity.  They have qualified sitters, some have background checks, and many have references available.  If you don’t want to enter the contest (be sure to include you email for her, you can use the discount code available.  The code is Sitter10 for 10% off.

One comment on “Klepto and a giveaway

  1. Oh my. That is very interesting. M will ask for things to take with her and keep or bring back. Some people are very understanding and go along with it if it looks like she is beyond reasoning. Some people have no patience or understanding and will be very weird about it making the situation terrible. We have been working on this problem and have made progress but it took a long time.

    The most helpful thing was me talking to the people before we arrived on making a plan of how to handle the situation when it happened. A few times we had to do a time out before leaving which made leaving a bit difficult and embarassing but eventually M backed down and was able to not take something.

    Did you ask him why he is doing it? What is so much fun about it and what could he replace that activity with? Does he have a DS or something that could keep him occupied instead of hiding things? Or is it a total obsession?
    A consequence that will have to be faced if he does it again?

    The best thing is it sounds like your friend is very patient so you have a great opportunity to work on this with a loving and understanding person. I don’t think that she would be able to do much about it. It will probably have to come from you.

    Let us know how this goes. Sounds like a very tricky situation.

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