The Perfect week…

…at school that is.  J started school on July 14th.  In late August, his aide started a sticker chart.  In the beginning he could earn 3 stickers a day.  If he did, he would get computer time or free time at the end of the day.  After fall break, the chart changed to 4 stickers a day and a sharpie star for getting off the bus with a good attitude.  (There are 5 boxes per day so this makes more sense to him.)

Since starting Zoloft 3 weeks ago, his charts have been more filled in and there have been more stars for bus behavior.  This week he came home with a perfect chart.  His teacher and aide raved about his wonderful attitude and how much he wants to learn now.  He gets off the bus with plenty of time to play with his classmates, he enters the classroom and asks to get right to work.  He finishes all of the classroom work ahead of time and then moves on to extra work from the 1st grade curriculum.   He is doing a lot of work in the “pod.” But this is because he is on a different track from the rest of the class, not for behavior issues.  He is still joining the group for some of their activities and recess.  I sometimes wish he was with them more, but on the other hand, I am glad that he now wants to go to school.  That’s right.  Instead of pulling, tugging, and weeping on me when the bus comes for him and then doing a 180 when he gets to school, he is happy the whole morning.  He now wants to wait for the bus and hops up the stairs babbling to his drivers about his latest book from the library.  He doesn’t even turn to wave any more.  His driver gives me a thumbs up and shuts the door.  So for the time being we have the perfect cocktail.  Medications, motivations, and challenging work. 

Oh and as a bonus for the week, we went to open play at the gymnastics center Friday morning and his friend Sam (a girl) from school was there.  The very first time we went to gymnastics she was there and they played hard.  From that point on I encouraged his aide to foster the friendship.  The next week she drew some pictures for him and sent them home in his folder, he wrote a thankyou note with prodding) to give her back.  (awww sweet) Her mom said on Friday that Sam talks about J all the time and genuinely likes him.  After the session was over we exchanged numbers and emails.  It turns out they live only a street over from us.  Here’s hoping for more successful playdates!  (Oh and there is a little sister close to Little J’s age too.)

The weekend was not so perfect, but that is another post.

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