Back on Wheat

I took Little J for his well check-up (yes a million months late) today.  We had gone to urgent care a few wekks ago because he was complaining about his ears.  Turns out they were full of fluid from his allergies so they prescribed the active ingredient in Zyrtec.  when I went to pick it up from the pharmacy they said my insurace didnt cover it because I can buy it on the shelf.  All well and good because it was cheaper on the shelf.  So the base clinic set up an appointment and said they could prescribe some for him if he could take a pill.  (he does.)


So today we left the clinic with

-a pill prescription of zyrtec

-a referral for an allergist to run an alergy panel to make sure it is just environmental factors causing his congestion and not foods

-a referral for an ear nose and throat doctor to make sure his tonsils are not the cause of his horrible snoring and poor sleep

-orders to eat wheat for the next 3 weeks in preparation for a blood draw to test for celiacs

I am not looking forward to feeding him wheat.  We just had a whole week wth only one pair of dirty underwear.  Wheat means an every day occurance.  *POUT*  But hopefully we will know after the bood draw and the allergy tests what the real story with wheat/oats/gluten and Little J’s tummy is.

2 comments on “Back on Wheat

  1. Bummer. The no wheat works well and yet he has to go back on it for testing. Argh. I feel your frustration! Sounds like you will be real busy getting this all done!

  2. Kara,
    I have been researching soaking grains for awhile now. It might be something to look into doing since he has to eat wheat before the test. Soaking the grains breaks down the Phytic Acid which causes most stomach problems with grains. I have just started to do this and I can tell a difference even though I have never really had problems digesting wheat.

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