sick days

Yesterday we went to the park at 9:40am.  J played and then rested intermittently.  then at 10:20 he was begging to go home.  On the 15 minute drive home, he would have fallen asleep if it weren’t for Little J’s chattering.  When we got home I gave him the choice of staying home in bed or going to school.  He originally picked go to school and then quickly changed his mind.  He didn’t have any fever.  Every once in a while he would say his tummy hurt and then it would be better 5 minutes later.  But we got home and he took off his clothes and got in bed with a few books and was content to stay there.  About 15 minutes after school would have started this is what I found:


That would be his head and hand asleep in his book.  He slept like that for 90 minutes.


Today he stayed home as well.  I woke up at 5am with the stomach flu from hell.  A walk to the kitchen felt like a 20 hour marathon.  I gave him the choice again to stay home and he took it, but didn’t seem to sick.  Although at some point him and LittleJ put themselves down for naps while I slept in the dark dark bedroom.  I feel like I am on the mend now.  So far I’ve kept down a pedialyte Popsicle and half a glass of water.  May go for the saltines in an hour or so.  My head is down to a mild throb.

Oh and what I had for dinner last night was SPICY.  So it seared my throat this morning and I couldn’t talk without the vibrations bringing on waves of nausea.  I used my cell phone for texting requests.  Ahhh technology.  Hubby had the day off but stayed up all night so he was only so helpful till about 9am.

P.S. lately my blog has been getting tons of search hits from the “stomach bug” tab.  It feels like it was a warning.

4 comments on “sick days

  1. We’re finally on the mend after our bout with the creeping crud that’s been going around. Hopefully that we’re done for a while. That picture is sweet. I KNOW Nick is sick, fever or no, when he puts himself down for a nap or climbs into bed in the middle of the day for a rest. Glad you are all on the mend!

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