Been a rollercoaster!

We’ve had some ups and downs around here.  J’s new meds were working great and then the side effects kicked in and he was falling asleep in the middle of the day.  Then I changed the time to give it to him and it wasn’t kicking in in time for the school bus.  So we had some bad incidents (including biting and losing a tooth (already loose).  So we changed times again.  Can’t tell you if its working since he is now sick with a head cold that turned feverish tonight.  UGH!

So did you notice the new blingy badge over there  <——–  Savvy Source is doing 12 days of giveaways starting on December 9th.  Click the badge and get all the details.  I will be blogging on my page over there ( about our personal favorites in the books and toys department.  There will also be some fun holiday blogs by all the city editors on the holiday page.  Have a happy holiday season and I hope you win something.  There are lots of other giveaways out there as well this month.

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