All he wants for Christmas is….


His FOUR front teeth.

Oh and a better Tooth Fairy.  I messed up last night.  I have been resting too easily on the fact that he forgets every morning to check and so I don’t remind him to look until after I’ve placed his goody.  It started with M&Ms and there was once it was YOGOs, but earlier last week he lost tooth number 3 and he got M&Ms again.  So when this one came out just before bed last night, I told him to remember that the tooth fairy does not always bring the same things.

Well he remembered on his own this morning and I had again forgotten to take the tooth and replace it.  So as he was climbing up to his loft bed I issued a challenge,”now that you are missing 4 teeth, you need to go to the fridge and find 3 foods that will help make your new teeth healthy and strong.”  Yes he fell for it and I ran to my closet to find something good.  Well let me tell you, he was very disappointed in his bubbles.  I had to promise that next time we could write a note to the Tooth Fairy that said “NO BUBBLES!”

Oh and I was proud, he came back with a banana, cheese stick, and yogurt.


3 comments on “All he wants for Christmas is….

  1. Good grief. I never thought of using that motivator, well done you for quick thinking and well done him for following through. In actual fact that tooth fairy is banned around here as the boys object strongly to night time stranger visits.

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