The tests came back positive

For strep that is.  Both Little J and I got cultures done on Wednesday afternoon.  On Thursday they called me and said my rapid results were negative.  This morning I got a call from the pediatric side and they said not only were Little J’s cultures positive but my clinic asked them to pass on the info that my cultures were also positive.  Well that would explain why the lump in my glands hasn’t gone away and why I had a debilitating fever last night.  I no longer have a fever and tylenol/advil help relive my throat.

This has been the weirdest case of strep ever.  All of us have had no trouble eating or drinking.  It isn’t the inside of our throats that are swollen, but the outer glands.  J still has that big knot sticking out from his neck.  Neither of the boys ran a fever that I know of and mine only lasted a few hours.  The last time I had strep, I could barely breathe let alone sleep or eat.  I am grateful this is a mild case but it is annoying.

My Grammie came to visit us this week and its been spent with one or more of us sick, including her.  Thankfully we will get more time with her when we go to my parent’s house for the holiday break.


3 comments on “The tests came back positive

  1. Glad to hear it wasn’t too awful (strep can be miserable!) and you both got your antibiotics. BTW, rapid strep tests? Useless. Junk. We run ’em in the ER, but we all know they are utterly unreliable, so we usually end up prescribing anyway.

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