What Christmas is like this year.

“What we won’t be doing for Christmas” has been my most hit blog over the past year.  I seriously can’t believe I have been doing this for a little over a year now.  Some things have changed from last year.  And some things have stayed the same. 

Some changes: J has moved on from his beloved cowboy pajamas, batman underwear, and brown sandals.  In fact, in the past month I bought him his first set of non-character briefs in years.  We also picked out SOCKS AND SHOES on December 6th.  Not only did he agree to let us buy them but he has PICKED them over his sandals (now Cars instead of brown) on several occasions.  They are actual sneakers with elastic and Velcro.  Next step will be to get ones that have laces but we have made huge strides in getting a pair that cover the entire foot.  Little J got a pair as well (his first non-sandal in about a year as well).  We found socks that were seamless, light, and not too tight on the ankle.  In J’s word, “PER-Fect.”

In negative changes, J has been kind of grinchy this year.  Of course it hasn’t helped that he had a medication snafu that caused exhaustion, then a nasty cold, and now strep.  He just hasn’t felt himself.  So he won’t let me sing Christmas carols, but we can listen to the Christmas station in the car.  He doesn’t really care about the lights on other people’s houses, but he wouldn’t let me stop decorating the inside of our house until the boxes of decorations were empty.  When I tell him he’s being grinchy he says, “No I’m not, I’m J!”

The same?  He still loves the Grinch movie, the cartoon.  We’ve actually watched it a couple of times a month all year long.  He still is not big on being with the family for long periods of time.  Thankfully we have gotten together with my parents, sister, her hubby, her baby, my cousin, her hubby and her 3 kids often in the past year.  Every time is a little bit better success.  We will be adding my aunt and uncle, my grammie, and my cousin’s b-i-l to the mix as well for Christmas day and the Saturday after for a luau lunch.  In the past year, J has learned where he can find quiet safe spots in the house.  He is getting better at putting himself there BEFORE he lashes out.  Not always, but better.

One of the biggest changes of the year came as a surprise on Sunday night.  We had a family night at our church where we watched classic Christmas specials (Frosty and Rudolph) on the projection screen with popcorn and sweets.  J does not do well in a movie theater, but he did okay in this setting.  He was allowed to move around and the speakers are not true surround sound either.  Between the two movies Santa made a short visit.  I tried to prepare him ahead of time, but I was wrong.  There was no sitting with Santa and pictures, he just came and passed out candy canes and then left.

I will tell the rest of the story in pictures.  (If you didn’t click back to last year’s story, we didn’t go visit Santa anywhere and when he came to J’s school, he freaked out and melted down.)

Santa asked if they all remembered the song about Santa having a list and knowing who was naughty or nice.  He started with, “Who’s been naughty?”

100_0547both hands in the air!

100_0549Little J getting his candy cane and J creeping up on Santa.


J getting his and realizing that Santa knows his name.  (The little boy behind him “E” couldn’t get over the fact that Santa knew their names.  He asked me at one point if Santa had been to our church before and someone had told him their names)


I failed in my prep talks though.  I reminded the boys that they may get to sit on Santa’s lap and talk about what they want for Christmas.  J went off in a tangent about the Little Einsteins and that to get your Christmas wish you have to sing the right song (sung to the tune of Fur Elise) “I wish I wish I wish this Christmas wish….”  He told me he as going to ask Santa for the Wild book.  After much probing and investigating I found out it was a book received by another child at our military mammaz holiday party.  Thankfully, I was the on who purchased the book, so I know where to search for it.  I was going to upload a video here, but wordpress is not cooperating.

Santa made his way from the front of the auditorium where the other pics were taken up the center aisle.  J followed him the whole way.  And when he was done passing out candy canes, J got in front of him and told him he wished for a Wild book.   The man playing Santa knows J very well and so he repeated it back to him and then J happily walked away. 

To say I was shocked is an understatement.

If you stayed with me this long Merry Christmas.  There will be a special blog on savvy source Wednesay about some of our holiday traditions.

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