moving again

We are moving into a new rental.

Did I tell you hubby is going to Mississippi late FEB through early May for training?  Did I also forget to mention that he is going to go to Korea without us in June?  Not by choice.  However, due to this forced assignment he got to choose to keep our family here in Tucson longer.  He turned down a Germany assignment, which I know was hard for him.  Also because of his orders, we have the luxury of getting out of our lease early.

The way the market is (sucky) we can afford more house and upgrades for just a bit more (and sometimes less) than what we are paying for in a smaller house.  The amenity we chose?  A POOL!   I am beyond excited.  It will be good for our whole family.  It will wear the boys out and help keep J in sync.  It will give me an outlet for exercise that I don’t have to leave the house or pay childcare for.  I already have plans to host some water aerobics sessions with some mom friends come spring.  The pool has an awesome heater and with us still having days in the 70s in January, I am confident that I can afford to heat it in March.  Oh and it has spa features too, a large bench, jets, and heat for the whole pool.  WAHOO!  We get the keys in a week.  The clincher was the landlord saying they pay for the pool maintenance and have someone that comes once a week.  AWESOME!

And we didn’t sign the lease until we got the approval from J’s principal for open enrollment.  We are moving just outside the school’s boundaries.  I have to reapply for next year but it shouldn’t be a problem.

Now for the purging and packing process to begin. 


4 comments on “moving again

  1. two thumbs up for a pool. I keep debating on getting one but I probably will cause community pools freak me out. Just waiting for Tara to grow up a bit. I hope you get to stay in this house for a while! And boo on your hubby going to Korea. Does he normally leave the country a lot?

  2. Hi, The best moving help I ever got was from She has a guide, with to-do lists, etc, that you can download for FREE.

    Congratulations on the move, best wishes for your family through this transition.


  3. Bummer on the Hubs’ overseas assigment. But, the fact that you can stay in AZ and in such nice digs is a bonus! Wow, the landlord is even going that the pool taken care of?! Sweet deal indeed.

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