Caught in the Act

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Just wanted to share a small tidbit from J’s day at school.  In our district they have an ACT statement that says something about “In our schools we will

Act respectfully and trustworthy. 

Take responsibility.

Care about others.

We ACT!”

So the teachers and staff are encouraged to catch kids in the ACT and reward them.

J came home with a sticker today that said, “I was caught in the ACT at *my school*”

His report from his aide said that he helped another student catch their snack that was blowing away by running after it.  He was rewarded for being respectful and caring. 

Do you know what that means?  It means he was aware of his surroundings and was able to engage in appropriate behavior in response to a situation.  That’s a big deal.  I’m glad he was caught in the ACT, but I’m proud that he is learning to engage in social situations.

2 comments on “Caught in the Act

  1. Indeed I know exactly what that means! We have a very similar programme at our school and it’s really effective with one of my sons……of course the other one couldn’t care less!

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