Digesting Grey’s Anatomy

I know that it is a fictional story.  Really I do.  But one of the Doctors this season as Aspergers.  She gives lots of facts to her patients without much empathy.  she doesn’t like to be touched, no loud noises, no change in protocol or structure.  But she is a well trained doctor and good at the surgery part of her job.  She is SMART.  But not socially aware….

Tonight things did not go as she planned, then there was loud noises and unexpecting touching…. and she had a melt down.  I was getting ready to write this in the commercial break that followed, but I was stunned.  After the commercial break we see her trying to unbutton her lab coat in an empty room.  Another doctor who witnessed the meltdown walks in and asks what she can do as she wraps her lab coat around herself tightly.  The doctor asks for deep pressure using all the technical terms without asking for a hug.  Then another one comes in and is asked to join in the deep pressure.  As she calms down, she relates some seemingly unrelated facts about cows going to slaughter being placed in chutes and it lowers their blood pressure and “calms them.”

Seriously though it makes me think about J’s future.  He is super smart and does well with worksheets and reading and such but he is still socially unaware.  When things don’t go his way, he goes haywire.  And that deep pressure stuff, it doesn’t always work.  In fact he often fights back.

Although he can surprise me.  Today he had 15 minutes notice that his “new”* usual aide would not be with him and that he would have a sub.  He handled the day okay, but according to him he had a “yellow” day because he wouldn’t sit down and listen.  That tells me he was dysregulated and while he wasn’t aggressively acting out he wasn’t his “green” self that he’s been for weeks.

*his new aide is one that he has had as a regular sub for the whole year and babysits for me on the weekend occasionally.


Oh and one of the doctors from the hugging scene uses her new found knowledge to calm someone else in a crisis….. so at least the general public has now learned something.

One comment on “Digesting Grey’s Anatomy

  1. I actually dislike that Greys character immensely, because it is incredibly unrealistic that a person would get so far in life while not receiving any type of social skills training. She didn’t just start out as a heart surgeon. She would have had to go through med school and all the rotations, and there is no way that she would have passed the patient-relations parts of med school without learning at least how to fake it better. To me, that show represents many common miscoonceptions about Aspergers, like how they/we are all uncaring and don’t empathize with people, and only care for the cold, hard facts. I’ve actually met very, very few Aspies who are like that, and I have known several adult women who are in similar professions, and all have much, much better social skills than she does. Aspergers also tends to present itself rather differently in women than in men, something the writers are obviously not aware of.

    But then again, who am I to expect realism from a show that has a dead guy walking around?

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