Back from my pity party

Sorry if you read the last blog.  I’m really sorry if you are someone who considers yourself my friend and are not moving away.  I wasn’t trying to discount you at all.

On the way home from bible class tonight we were stopping at the mailbox and J says, “I think a rat got my shirt.” 

“A rat got in your shirt?”

“No a rat got my shirt.  See it bit this hole right here.”

“No dear, you bit your shirt.  Not a rat.”

“But Ms. Susan said a rat must have got my shirt and ate it.”

“J, Ms. Susan was teasing you.  You know you chewed on your shirt.”

“She was telling the truth.  A rat got in my shirt drawer”

Little J pipes in with, “But there aren’t any rats in the car right?”

Me “There are no rats in the car and there are no rats in our house.  J ate his shirt and Ms Susan was only teasing and that is the truth.”

I don’t even remember where it went from there.  In circles we went until we pulled around the block and into the driveway.

Thanks Ms. Susan.  We will be talking about literal thinking when we see you on Sunday.  And then we will laugh about it.  🙂


Just to be honest…

I am really scared about our upcoming deployment.

Hubby is in MS right now until about May 8th.  As much as we miss him, things are still kinda okay around here because we have an amazing church family and friends in our military mammaz meetup group.

However, when hubby leaves for Korea in June some of my support structure will slowly fade away.  One of my greatest friends’ husband lost his job and they are in the process of interviewing.  He has 4 interviews out of town and one in town.  She has been my rock through all the hard times this year.  She watches Little J often, is easy to talk to, and we can be our real selves together including leaving dishes in the sink and laundry on the couch while we sit and visit.  I overheard our mutual friend and my friend talking the other day and both husbands are ready to move on from Tucson.  While I still have other friends at church, none of the others are in the same stage of life as me.

In the military mammaz, one of my two closest friends left for Alaska in January after her husband had been in Korea for a year.  My other friend is moving to North Carolina early this fall after her hubby gets back from Iraq this summer.  My other good friend is moving to Italy in the fall as well when her hubby gets back.  There are like 30 other members in the group and yet I have not connected with them the same way I have with these 3 moms.  Many of those 30 moms are fairly new to the group, so there is still time.  However, part of it is my fault.  I am reluctant to take J to events that have “too many” people in a house instead of a park.  I am hesitant to take him to events where the majority of the kids are aged 2 and under.  This leaves very few events that he can attend and that I can be confident in taking him to.  The solution would be to host at our house, but so far we haven’t been good at picking times because the events either get cancelled or the only participants are our current friends that are moving.  Don’t get me wrong, there are people I talk to, and even some I connect with, but no one I can lean on.

This is the first place we have lived that we aren’t the ones moving before everyone else.  I fought for us to stay here after hubby gets back from Korea, but I’m not sure what will be left.  I just pray that God brings some very special people into our lives as these ones leave.  Not just for me, but for my kids as well.  The moms that I hang out with the most are also the same ones who have kids that mine get along with.  They didn’t always get along and it took quite a bit of training for my kids and theirs to learn acceptance and how to navigate differences and personalities.  But they have come so far in a short time.  I am nervous about all of us being isolated with hubby gone and no one left for all of us.

Happy birthday w/ our friends.

J turned 6 on the 1st and Little J turned 4 on the 11th. We decided to have a joint party on Friday since we were in Vegas during the weekend between (when we normally do it). The plan was suppose to have a splash day but the weather was not warm enough so we had a dinosaur party instead. I made a volcano cake with a dino scene around it, the kids made coffee ground dough fossils and baking soda volcanoes, we ate dinosaur chicken nuggets and fun was had by all.

J spent most of the party lounging in the livingroom due to his allergies and the meds wiping him out, but he did enjoy watching “The Land Before Time” as his friends wandered in and out.
Here’s a few pics and I’ll write about Vegas another day.

watching his volcano explode

watching his volcano explode

getting his volcano ready

getting his volcano ready

Happy Birthday J!

J turned 6 on March 1st.  I wanted a February baby so I could have an amethyst mother’s ring and he decided to hang out for an extra 2 hours and deny me.  Well actually a week and 2 hours!  My cousin’s girl S swapped b-days with J and came a week early for her mama.

Since hubby had to leave for his weather school, we had our combined February and March b-day party last Friday.  We have 5 b-days in those months in our family located in AZ.  Little J will be 4 in 10 days.


We also had a cake for him (baked by a friend) at our small group devotional tonight but I haven’t downloaded the pics from my phone yet.

Next weekend we are headed to Las Vegas to vacation and visit old friends.  We were stationed there before coming here.  I am really excited to take the kids around town.  I am also nervous to be spending so much time alone with them in an unfamiliar territory (to them)!

This past year J has changed so much for the better that I know this trip would not have been possible on his 5th b-day.  When we get back we will still have 1 1/2 weeks of our spring break so we will probably have a joint b-day party with our friends at the house.  I’m hoping for a pool party since it would be easy entertainment and we wouldn’t have to worry about games/activities that the b-day kids wouldn’t want to play anyway.

Speaking of changes….


J is now taking Karate once a week.  I am amazed at how well he is doing.  The class is larger than we (or the instructor) expected so I stay to help keep him focused but he LOVES it.  He didn’t at first but now he wants to go.  The last two weeks he has worked on stranger danger moves with a partner.  They get to choose a partner and he has chosen the same little boy both weeks.  K is a year younger than J but he already has a belt one degree higher (yellow) so he has been through the class before.  He is very patient with J and the work well together.  I am super impressed. 

J struggled a bit in the beginning because he was stimming and the kids didn’t know what to think of him so they either giggled or ignored.  A few times J tried to introduce himself to other boys but he made the social faux pas of getting nearly nose to nose before asking “What’s your name?”  The kids didn’t know how to respond and I wasn’t close enough to prompt them.  Each time it happened they just walked away.  It hasn’t discouraged him though.  At the last parent teacher conference for school I brought up these examples with his speech therapist and she agreed to work with him on what is an appropriate distance for a conversation.

I was just as nervous as him the 1st couple of classes because I was worried about having to intervene too much but now that he has the rhythm of class down we are both more relaxed.  Right now it is the perfect “sport” for him because he is learning to listen to another authority figure, relate to other students in a one on one encounter, and there isn’t a lot of pressure to “work as a team.”

Little J can’t wait till next semester when he will meet the age requirements to take the class as well.

I’ll try and post more pictures this week and then give an update from Vegas.  Sorry for being so absent but we had a hard month preparing for hubby to leave, him leaving, and me crashing from exhaustion every night.