busy week at our house

I’m lazy so this is in bullet format

  • we took on a foster puppy2 Fridays ago after losing out on adopting our dream dog
  • foster puppy turned out to be wonderful and we quickly fell in love with plans to adopt
  • foster puppy is named Maui
  • Maui got the sneezes, which turned into a cough, add in goopy eyes and then intestinal issues
  • J went to the dentist and got 2 crowns and a tooth pulled and a spacer put in
  • he was miserable all day Thursday so we took a mental health day on Friday and went to the park in beautiful weather
  • the rescue org took Maui back last firday because she suspects distemper.  with a 20% chance of living we didn’t want the kids to watch
  • same rescue org asks us to take a health pup to try and keep it safe from the virus
  • 2nd puppy is named Tucson (we didn’t name him)
  • he is kind of whiny but has settled down today
  • Little J is the puppy whisperer and gets to sleep on the guestroom pullout with the puppies to keep them from crying all night
  • we had friends over Friday night for pizza and a movie
  • went to a b-day party on Sat at Pump it Up and had a great time with only a few small incidents
  • Went to mom’s game night with kids in tow and yelled approximately 50 times to stop playing pillow fight
  • Felt bad for hostess, she has one 8 month old girl.  We brought 4 crazy boys.  Had a good time in spite of it.
  • Super busy day today.  house appears clean but that’s because the clutter is hiding on my bed…must move before sleeping
  • stopped babysitting (on a regular basis) the 2 year old girl.
  • Will start babysitting 2 days a week (3 hours each day) for my neighbor’s 2 boys tomorrow morning
  • Hoping that her 6 and 8 year old will get along with my 4 and 6 year old.  Would be great if our neighbors could also be friends.
  • Did I mention my wack sleeping schedule do to taking puppies out to potty in the middle of the night.
  • And the being awake at like 6am because puppies like to play at that time?  That’s 2 hours earlier than normal.

Thus ends this week’s update.  Geeze even my bullets get wordy!

Oh and the accomplishment of the week/year.  J cleaned his room today with minimal input from me in less than an hour.  And when he said it was clean and I asked if I could check he said yes.  I walked in and there was not a single toy left on the floor.  Nothing like Wii Diego Safari rescue game time as motivation!