busy week at our house

I’m lazy so this is in bullet format

  • we took on a foster puppy2 Fridays ago after losing out on adopting our dream dog
  • foster puppy turned out to be wonderful and we quickly fell in love with plans to adopt
  • foster puppy is named Maui
  • Maui got the sneezes, which turned into a cough, add in goopy eyes and then intestinal issues
  • J went to the dentist and got 2 crowns and a tooth pulled and a spacer put in
  • he was miserable all day Thursday so we took a mental health day on Friday and went to the park in beautiful weather
  • the rescue org took Maui back last firday because she suspects distemper.  with a 20% chance of living we didn’t want the kids to watch
  • same rescue org asks us to take a health pup to try and keep it safe from the virus
  • 2nd puppy is named Tucson (we didn’t name him)
  • he is kind of whiny but has settled down today
  • Little J is the puppy whisperer and gets to sleep on the guestroom pullout with the puppies to keep them from crying all night
  • we had friends over Friday night for pizza and a movie
  • went to a b-day party on Sat at Pump it Up and had a great time with only a few small incidents
  • Went to mom’s game night with kids in tow and yelled approximately 50 times to stop playing pillow fight
  • Felt bad for hostess, she has one 8 month old girl.  We brought 4 crazy boys.  Had a good time in spite of it.
  • Super busy day today.  house appears clean but that’s because the clutter is hiding on my bed…must move before sleeping
  • stopped babysitting (on a regular basis) the 2 year old girl.
  • Will start babysitting 2 days a week (3 hours each day) for my neighbor’s 2 boys tomorrow morning
  • Hoping that her 6 and 8 year old will get along with my 4 and 6 year old.  Would be great if our neighbors could also be friends.
  • Did I mention my wack sleeping schedule do to taking puppies out to potty in the middle of the night.
  • And the being awake at like 6am because puppies like to play at that time?  That’s 2 hours earlier than normal.

Thus ends this week’s update.  Geeze even my bullets get wordy!

Oh and the accomplishment of the week/year.  J cleaned his room today with minimal input from me in less than an hour.  And when he said it was clean and I asked if I could check he said yes.  I walked in and there was not a single toy left on the floor.  Nothing like Wii Diego Safari rescue game time as motivation!


One comment on “busy week at our house

  1. Sounds like you’ve been having bad luck with getting a puppy you can keep! But puppies are so awesome. I’m commenting on this with my ADHD blog site, but if you want to see some brand new, newborn puppy pictures, you might want to visit my other blog at http://littlebearsworld.typepad.com We just had a litter yesterday, and they’re so tiny, you can hold them in your palm!

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