no more sniffling

Today we did the homework packet that we put off all last week.  Today was a day off from school so we could get away with it.  It was an “All about me” book.

When we got to the page that had boxes for him to draw “people who live in my house,” he drew Little J first, then me.  When we got to the next box and he decided to draw daddy (I wasn’t sure if he would draw him since he hasn’t been here in 2 months) I sniffed my itchy nose.  He looked at me sharply and demanded “Why are you sniffling?!?”  I said, “I had an itch so I sniffed and then scratched it.”  He turned and looked at me with those honest eyes and said matter of factly, “sometimes I sniffle and cry because I miss my daddy when he’s not here.”  And then he finished drawing dad’s face and moved on.

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