Wishful Thinking

Little J has quite an imagination.  Lately it mostly revolves around his dad.  Hubby was gone all of March and April for training and then left for Korea in June.  Now every time we go someplace that he likes, he makes up a story about “when I was little my daddy took me there.” or “when I was a baby my daddy took me.” or “when daddy gets home he is going to bring me..”  And now, the past 2 times we have seen or heard an airplane he asks if daddy is on that plane.  With all this imagining you would think that he would want to talk to him on video chat when he got a chance, but this morning he flat out refused to talk to him.  I thought we would have a few more months before we reached that anger directed at the deployed parent, but here we are and we are only at the 2 month point.

I guess I need to get out the workbooks and stories for kids that we got at the family readiness center.

3 comments on “Wishful Thinking

  1. Aww!
    Brandon did that too. He refused to talk to daddy the whole time after the first month. I remember bawling with him one night when he was hysterical and screaming. I hope you dont have to deal with that! (((hugs))) Miss you guys!

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