Things searched for

I haven’t been here in a while. Did you notice? No? that’s okay.

Not only have I not written anything but I also stopped looking at my stats. I knew they would dwindle when I stopped writing so it was pointless. I may have mentioned a time or two but I am a “numbers girl.” I like math, I like things to add up  and I like seeing all the stats wordpress has to offer. some of the best stats though have nothing to do with numbers. Like the Search Engine Terms stats. What did people plug into their google/yahoo/ask/msn etc. to land on my page. Sometimes I just like to see if there is a particular subject that people are interested in, maybe I need to write more of it. I know there are others who have done search posts before but honestly there has never been anything funny, weird, or gross for me to make the post interesting…..until I looked last night. Oh and sometimes I google them myself to see what page they had to scroll through to get to me.

Here are some of the popular searches (using the All Time stats):

Pink Pancakes

Tighty Whities

He broke my heart

epic shoes

Amanda Sanders Blog (really Amanda, its been searched and landed on me 9 times since I started blogging)

Master Manipulator

How to wear your clothes

and not so popular but most recent and what sparked this post:

Do Backyardigans cause Autism found on page two of google linking to all of February 08.


I almost didn’t provide links to all those posts, but when I went back to reminisce I realized that they sum up our story quite well. So if you are new here feel free to click away. If you know me but have only recently started reading my stuff, there is some very funny stuff in those posts and some sad stuff too. And just a word of caution to those clicking links, Amanda currently has a pooping zebra art piece on the top blog, just so you know. 🙂


4 of the 5 boys from the backyardigans post the day before 2 of them moved away



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