Dusting off the cobwebs

Just in time for Halloween of course when everyone expects extra cobwebs. ūüėČ Okay so its been 9 months since my last post (no there is no baby but lots of new beginnings) and I’m apparently not as witty as I once was. Bear with me as I find my groove again.

I finished my Medical Assisting School this summer and did a 5 week externship in a Pain Management Clinic. My wonderful sister-in-law came to live with us for that time and did an amazing job taking care of the kids and the pets cause I was brain-dead from 40+ hours of training/work a week. While I was at that clinic I met the manager for a company that processes urine samples for patients taking pain medication. After my externship she hired me to work in a different clinic. I worked at that clinic for 5 weeks and now I am in a different clinic on a more permanent basis. It is the best job I could have hoped for. There is enough intellectual stuff to satisfy without an overwhelming work load. I do some paperwork, ask a few questions, seal up the samples, and send them by UPS at the end of the day. I hang out online during the down time or read a book. In fact I am writing this in some of my down time.

J is now a 2nd grader and is doing as well as can be expected. We had a rough start to the school year but after 4 weeks of school, medication changes, IEP changes and wonderful teachers and parapros, he started doing better. We are now 2 months into the school year and he is having a lot more good days than bad and even after sporadic bad moments he can make a change and end the day on a positive note. It has been a real struggle with me working and his dad still in South Korea, but we have an amazing network that has helped us make it. His marvelous parapro from Kindergarten Ms. P (who is now Mrs. Z) has been keeping him after school since last year when I went back to school. He loves it at her house and all of her kids and her husband think of him as family.

Little J is now in 1/2 day kindergarten in the mornings. He got the same teacher that J had and he loves every minute of school. He really knows how to turn on the good behavior when he is out of the house and has all of the staff hoodwinked. He is a fantastic friend and is very caring to all the kids. A mom from our church picks him up and keeps him for the rest of the day and he enjoys his time there as well. Again another blessing in our support network.

Hubby is still in South Korea and will be there until next summer.

So if you stuck with the update this long, it’s time for the funny stuff I know you all come for.

J has to do spelling activities every day for homework. He gets to pick as long as the points for the whole week add up to 40 points. One of the higher point activities is to write a letter to a super hero using 10 spelling words. Since my kids still enjoy preschool type shows they aren’t familiar with traditional super heroes. He has done this activity twice and both times has written to God. The first time he wrote a lot of requests like, “Can you please cancel school for a year?” and this week he was full of thanks like, “And especially thank you for letting me get to school extra early today.”

Little J has got the funny prayers in spades. “Thank you for not letting us eat stinky food and thank you for the good food we got to eat.” And apparently he has an “in” with Santa because the other day he was trying to bargain with me and told me that if I let him do what he wanted to that he would tell Santa to bring me a good present. I didn’t let him do it, he threw a fit and then got sent to his room. Later that night I went to tuck him in and all his bed stuff was on the floor and he tells me “I did that because I was mad at you.” So I’m guessing I won’t be getting that good present.

So if you are so inclined, comment so I’m not talking to the world-wide¬†interwebs.

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