Fall Break and a good deal

So just as J gets settled into school and the routine and his new parapros and all the IEP modifications, our school goes on Fall Break. In theory I love fall break because it gives us a time of rest and fun when the weather is nice enough to enjoy it. BUT, this year I am working. That means the kids stil have to go to sitters’ houses. However, this first week they are both at the YMCA intersession camp offered at our school. J attended the summer camp version at the school for 2 weeks this summer and we barely made it through. Now Little J is old enough to go as well so they are both there. I dropped them off around 8:30 yesterday morning and didn’t breathe a sign of relief until after 12pm. They said he did well and Little J excelled once he got over his shyness. Little J did tattle and say J was doing some pushing, but it must not have been bad enough for the leaders to tell me about.

I also had a severe uveitis flare-up yesterday. My iris gets inflammed and then can get stuck and then my vision gets horrible. Thankfully, my neighbor is an optometrist and she just opened her own practice in Civano which is so close to our house. She took me over to the office after hours and did an exam. I got sent home with plenty of drops and drop prescriptions. This has been a chronic problem for about 4 years now but I haven’t had a terrible flare-up that couldn’t be fixed with allergy drops in over a year.

Now for the good deal. I discovered a site called ArtsCow that does custom items using your pictures as well as prints at reasonable prices. Every once in a while they offer a promotion called share and shout. I tried it out last month and got a free memo pad that I had personalized for J’s teacher to use as a Christmas gift. This time they are offering a 6×6 hard bound photo book for $0.99 and free shipping. All you have to do is click on this link  ArtsCow and then follow the directions for sharing. Once you’ve shared you will get a coupon code for your book. When I made my memopad, it arrived in less than 2 weeks and I was thrilled with it. Also, once you join artscow you will get all kinds of promotions in your email plus lots of free print codes added to your account.

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