must be the water

I think the kids and the dogs are drinking from the same contaminated water. What ever is in it, sends a signal to the brain to block obedience and increases stubbornness. Just a theory.

Or it could be all the up down changes in the weather. Whatever it is, I am ready for tings to go back to normal. You know where they all listen at least half of the time.


NaBloPoMo Bust and a Special wave hello

Well I did pretty good. I made it 19 days with out missing a post. I am being honest and not back posting for yesterday since the competition for prizes is on the honor system. I could have posted yesterday, it’s not like my computer blew up. I just forgot since I am at my parents’ house and usually just check email real quick from my ipod.

Also hello to my new friend out there, we will be friends by the time you are done. You have blown up my stats today. Feel free to leave a comment when you are done reading all 172 posts.

Not so profound

What? I can’t pull thoughtful well created posts out every day.

Besides right now I am trying to think good thoughts and not catch whatever stomach ick that Little J has. Hmm that reminds me I haven’t has enough Vitamin C yet today.

Really glad that the boys no longer share a room. Makes it easier to keep them quarantined.

Is Llama Llama Autistic?

I can’t remember when we first purchased Lllama Llama Mad at Mama. I think it was after J’s diagnosis. I do distinctly remember thinking “This Llama sounds a lot like J when it comes to shopping or public outings.” I also remember reflecting on how Little Llama didn’t like all the people, all the noise, all the waiting and has a terrble outbursts. J liked the rhyming in the book, but it got lost along the way.

This week a shipment of Scholastic books came in and it had “Llama Llama Red Pajama,” “Llama Llama Misses Mama,” and “Llama Llama Mad at Mama.” I had never read the other books in the series so Little J and I read the Red Pajama one Tuesday night. I then realized that Llama Llama is not autistic, he is merely young and young kids are not patient and have outbursts. I know this now because Little J is older and I have his experiences to compare to as well.

There is always that question in the back of my mind (and some of yours as well). Is this the autism acting this way, or is my child displaying unwanted but totally typical behavior. I think the difference comes in the fact that in all of the stories whether Little Llama is feeling mad, sad, scared, etc. he is able to get his emotions under control very quickly after a few words from Mama Llama. Where we diverge is that J is not easily calmed once he reaches an extreme emotion.

I think he recognizes himself in the stories. Last night we all read together, Llama Llama Misses Mama which is about Little Llama going to school for the first time. He gets emotional and doesn’t want to do any of the other activities that the other kids do. On the page where they show a tear drop in his eye, J stopped the reading. He spoke directly to Little Llama, “Llama Llama, don’t cry. Ms. S my parapro tells me to take a deep breath like this: breathe in (demonstrated) and blow out (demonstrated). That is how you calm down the easy way. I used to cry at school too but now I like it.”

Wow! I had a hard time not crying listening to him comfort Little Llama. At the end of the book Little Llama loves his mama and school too. We had a really good conversation about it and how Little Lama’s mama came back and that J is always picked up from school too either by his babysitter or by me.

So Llama Llama probably isn’t autistic but the author sure knows how to write a good social story. I know next on my wish list is Llama Llama Holiday Drama.

Enter title here

because I can’t think of anything more original to post than copying the pre-populated  phrase. nablopomo bites again.

Any questions you want to ask me? put it in the comments and I’ll post about it tomorrow.

Oh something I was going to post about yesterday…

We have an addiction around here. An addiction to books. I ordered a ton from Scholastic book club knowing there was a book fair coming up because the ones from book club are cheaper, you can buy sets, and the teachers are rewarded with classroom books. We still support the bookfair cause it supports the school as a whole, but the book club has more. Anyway, I ordered quite a bit a few weeks ago and had the foresight to order some for now and some for Christmas. That way I wouldn’t be tempted to give them their Christmas presents early. They arrived yesterday. J got some Magic School Bus chapter books (fiction meets science) so he can read a subject that interests him and he can take AR tests on them. Little J got some picture books with Llama Llama, Bear, and Skippy Jon Jones. I love some of the new characters in the newer books. It has been so long since either of them has been interested in me reading to them (J has been reading well above his level  for years and Little J just wasn’t interested in being still). Now they want to read every night and not just because they have to write in their reading logs for school.

And tomorrow? Late night at the bookfair. After a full day of work (my first this week), we will wrap up the day with more book shopping.

I already admitted it was an addiction right?

What’s on my phone?

Just found out about this fun linky party on Tuesdays where we show you random pics from our phones. I don’t use mine for pics a lot cause it is a pain to send them to my email and then save them but I pulled a few of my recent favorites.

What? The black and white stripes match the black and white checks!

drumming at a backyard b-day party

If you want to show us what is on your phone, go here and link up. Let me know if you do.

And if anyone knows how to get videos from my phone to my blog, let me know. I got it to email but then the file wasn’t right for the blog.

Walking on the Wild Side

So today I had a realtor show me a rental house and then offer me free advice. He told me I should stay in my rental until the bank tells me to leave. I talked it over with my landlady and she is agreeable to this. Just waiting to hear back from my husband to see if he agrees.

There is always the possibility that the house could sell right away at the first auction in December, but it seems like a slim chance now. There is a better chance that we could stay in this house rent free, indefinitely.

I am still researching AZ tenants law because I have been getting some conflicting advice regarding evictions, but one thing I found for sure is that we are not required to move before the sale. If I have to move after the first of the year, at least I’ll have my sister in law here to help me. In the meantime, we can be saving the rent money for the “what ifs.”

A Big Dose of Vitamin C

I have chronic Iritis which causes the muscle in my left eye to become inflamed and then my vision gets blurry. White blood cells rush to the rescue and put spots in my vision. I can get it under control with steroid drops and atropine drops and it will lay dormant for months. But when I am under extreme stress , my immune system lowers and the inflammation attacks.

I had a flare up last month (when my dad was having a stint placed, my van was trying to die/kill me, and J’s sitter was thinking of going back to work outside of the home) and have been treating it ever since. My eye doctor also happens to be my next door neighbor and very good friend. With the new stress this month of J’s erratic behavior, having to move, and hubby not returning for the holidays we are both worried about keeping my eye under control.

So on Thursday I went over for some tea time with her and we followed it up with Emergen-C drinks. Then I went out of town for the weekend. Mom and dad’s church was having a weekend seminar and since they hold their services at the school where my mom is the computer lab instructor we let the kids play computers during the sessions. They got some downtime with no worries and so did I. I spent the weekend with great people, hearing some great ideas, getting lots of hugs and eating way too much comfort food. I also bought my own Emergen-C packets and some orange juice and chugged them all weekend. And as a bonus, I got to take a nap before driving home this evening. I am trying to stay calm, stress free, and keep my immune system in check.

J did have a few more crazy outbursts like last weekend but this time I didn’t have to deal with it on my own. Mom helped when I needed to get in the shower to rinse out the hair dye (our hair dresser comes to the house to give us all cuts and colors mine.) Dad took the boys for a walk when they didn’t want to stay at the dinner we went to Saturday night. The house was in the same neighborhood so they walked home and watched a movie and everyone was back to happy when I got there. So glad it is the holiday season. That means we will be with them more often and that means more hands and hearts to help me out.


I think all the Realtors  in the city went on vacation cause no one is returning my calls or emails. They must not be the right houses. I will wait.


Decided since no one wanted to make appointments to show houses that the boys and I would take some R&R time at my parents’ house. It is just what we need.