I officially declare that I shall give NaPloPoMo another try.

Well the anxiety about J going back to school was substantiated. He had 2 horrible days back that included all sorts of hitting, kicking, spitting and biting. His teacher said she had never seen him like that. He spent a lot of time cooling off in the Life Skills room. He did better for most of the rest of the week but still had some minor infractions.

Then he pulled the same stuff on his Sunday School teachers following the first week back.  It was enough to bring me to tears during worship time. I thought we had moved past that, but I ended up having to have someone step in and take over my class so that I could go and sit with him in his. I think the other two students were slightly traumatized because it has been a long time since they have seen him have a violent meltdown.

Monday was a new day and he ended up having his best week ever at school.

This past weekend was super fun. I will post pics for tomorrow’s post.

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