Super Hero Letters

Every week J, has to do assorted spelling tasks that are assigned a point value. Every week he has to earn 40 points. He can choose from about 8 tasks and so he does a few of the easy ones every week and then rotates on choosing the harder ones. One of the tasks is “Letter to a Super Hero with spelling words underlined.”

He has chosen this task about 4 times and the letter is always to God. It ranges from asking for miracles (like no school), to telling him a story, to thankfulness. This weeks letter was full of thanks. I wanted to type the whole thing for you but I have had a headache all day that is getting worse this evening.

But for a sneak peak:

Thank you for giving the electric eels electric shock.


His sitter is allowed to transcribe his writing homework for him. I don’t know how she keeps a straight face.


P.S. I know have been out of the blogging game a while, but comments are always appreciated.


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