good thing it was just one song

J has a lot of routines. And scripts. And opinions about how things should be done. Sometimes I am able to modify the script one element at a time until the routine is no longer burdensome. 4 years ago when he first started having trouble sleeping we went from 2 songs at bedtime to an hour’s worth of me singing. Then we got it down to about 10 songs when he started on medication. Then worked our way back down to 2, one for each kid. Now that they sleep in separate rooms, they each get one.


Interestingly enough, J has never made a sitter or even his grandma uphold our personal bedtime routine. He will still say his prayers but that’s it. Tonight that changed. I left the boys with a sitter who they know because she is J’s afterschool sitter’s oldest daughter. However, she has never babysat at our house. Se was in charge of dinner, free time, and bed time while I went to a play. (YAY me!) When I got home I asked how everything went and she said J wouldn’t let her leave the room until she sang. She didn’t know most of what he requested, but he finally asked for Jesus Loves Me and she said that she could handle. I am thankful that that one children’s song crosses most religious boundaries.

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