My own live Pinocchio

You know it is always a fine line when our special needs kids have a normal development that is undesirable. I remember the first time J lied to us. I say us because it was 3 consecutive lies to me, hubby, and Grammie telling each of us that one of the others said it was okay to watch a certain show. A show which had aired for the 1st time that day so there was no way he could watch it again so soon (I hadn’t DVR’d it.) “____ said I could watch it.” I listened to him tell each of us. That was 4 years ago.

There have been other lies over the past 4 years. Most of them were to stay out of trouble. “I don’t know who ate all the candy, it wasn’t me.” “I didn’t watch movies all night instead of sleep.”

But now it has snowballed. He is lying about EVERYTHING. Sometimes to keep himself out of trouble, sometimes just cause he wants to. And since his dad isn’t here, he is trying to play his babysitter against me. Last night he came home with a book that he often borrows from her. I didn’t say anything about it but he quickly said, “K said I could borrow this one more time.” I just said okay and reminded him to bring it back in the morning. When he got to her house she saw it and reminded him that she doesn’t mind him taking books, but he has to ask first. She always gives him the benefit of the doubt and rarely disciplines him unless absolutely necessary or she checks with me 1st. Instead of apologizing and saying he’d ask next time, he told a flat out lie. “This is my book, my mom bought it for me.”

When I picked him up and asked him about it (we had already discussed his punishment on facebook before I got there) he told me “it was an accident.” That is his new excuse for blatant misbehavior. So the poor book is in time out for two days since it caused him to lie more than once.

3 comments on “My own live Pinocchio

  1. I’m having similar problems with Braeden recently. So much fun. And I am constantly asking myself…. is it the autism? Or just kid behavior? It doesn’t really matter as far as discipline goes but I do wonder.

  2. My son, Cameron, has Asperger’s Syndrome. As you may be aware, reality and reality conversation are not his strong suit. I often have to ask myself, “Is he lying, or is he really convinced that this is the case?”

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