A Big Dose of Vitamin C

I have chronic Iritis which causes the muscle in my left eye to become inflamed and then my vision gets blurry. White blood cells rush to the rescue and put spots in my vision. I can get it under control with steroid drops and atropine drops and it will lay dormant for months. But when I am under extreme stress , my immune system lowers and the inflammation attacks.

I had a flare up last month (when my dad was having a stint placed, my van was trying to die/kill me, and J’s sitter was thinking of going back to work outside of the home) and have been treating it ever since. My eye doctor also happens to be my next door neighbor and very good friend. With the new stress this month of J’s erratic behavior, having to move, and hubby not returning for the holidays we are both worried about keeping my eye under control.

So on Thursday I went over for some tea time with her and we followed it up with Emergen-C drinks. Then I went out of town for the weekend. Mom and dad’s church was having a weekend seminar and since they hold their services at the school where my mom is the computer lab instructor we let the kids play computers during the sessions. They got some downtime with no worries and so did I. I spent the weekend with great people, hearing some great ideas, getting lots of hugs and eating way too much comfort food. I also bought my own Emergen-C packets and some orange juice and chugged them all weekend. And as a bonus, I got to take a nap before driving home this evening. I am trying to stay calm, stress free, and keep my immune system in check.

J did have a few more crazy outbursts like last weekend but this time I didn’t have to deal with it on my own. Mom helped when I needed to get in the shower to rinse out the hair dye (our hair dresser comes to the house to give us all cuts and colors mine.) Dad took the boys for a walk when they didn’t want to stay at the dinner we went to Saturday night. The house was in the same neighborhood so they walked home and watched a movie and everyone was back to happy when I got there. So glad it is the holiday season. That means we will be with them more often and that means more hands and hearts to help me out.


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