Walking on the Wild Side

So today I had a realtor show me a rental house and then offer me free advice. He told me I should stay in my rental until the bank tells me to leave. I talked it over with my landlady and she is agreeable to this. Just waiting to hear back from my husband to see if he agrees.

There is always the possibility that the house could sell right away at the first auction in December, but it seems like a slim chance now. There is a better chance that we could stay in this house rent free, indefinitely.

I am still researching AZ tenants law because I have been getting some conflicting advice regarding evictions, but one thing I found for sure is that we are not required to move before the sale. If I have to move after the first of the year, at least I’ll have my sister in law here to help me. In the meantime, we can be saving the rent money for the “what ifs.”


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