Trying to revive this place!

Dear Blog(osphere),

I have missed you. I know I have cheated on you with facebook but I am ready to come back. It has almost been a year and there is plenty of catching up to do so here it is in list form cause you know I can get kinda wordy:

1) Big family Christmas with lots of people and presents, a wedding, a health crisis (not mine)

2)House we rented was foreclosed on. No solid leads on a rental. Decision to buy

3)Hubby was told he was going to be discharged from the airforce. (as of posting he is still in Korea with no return date, but it may be soon)

         3b) In an attempt to get stuff done before the insurance/military benefits run out we have been to the pediatric dentist 5 times in month, the ladies doctor, the primary care, the vet, and the optometrist.

4)J left home in the middle of the night. I was woken up when the police brought him home. (pick your jaw up off the floor, everyone is okay and new safeguards are in place.)

5)Found awesome new house that pretty much met our dream list. Took 3 months to close on it cause the asset manager was a pain in the tookus!

6)Made the slow move to the new house. It is only a mile from old house so we moved at a leisurely pace.

7)Aunt Melody came for a month to help save my sanity. We missed her flight home due to oversleeping, she stayed an extra week.

8)We took in a foster dog. She was beautiful and sweet and now she is adopted to a wonderful family.

9)I rejoined the Usborne Books business as a consultant. Shameless plug here: . Do your Christmas shopping, host a party, find out more about our free books for schools and money for fundraisers.

10)I refocused on personal time like playing Bunco, having coffee with friends and blogging.

There is your year in review.


The Prodigal Blogger.

P.S. Pink pancakes and Backyardigans keep my blog stats from plummeting into despair. I find that hilarious.

3 comments on “Trying to revive this place!

  1. Welcome back prodigal blogger!!!! That was quite the series of dramatic statements. Is there an update on your husband getting discharged? If he is discharged will you finally be able to follow your dream of moving to Dallas? Cause I am all for that dream and I know it is a big one for you ;p

  2. See statement 5….there will be no moving in the near future. He is still being discharged. He has yet to get final paperwork on that.

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