Life in the classroom

So we’ve gone back to the preschool motto used in J’s class “what’s fair for one is not always fair for all.” J used to earn 2 rounds of free choice time. One for morning work and one for afternoon work. They were short long-term goals. He has struggled the last month to get any work done and has instead chosen to throw huge Tasmanian devil tantrums. So they lowered their expectations and let him do anything he wanted as long as he asked. A worksheet a day was a big accomplishment. This week they raised their expectations and are asking him to do his work but every time he finishes an assignment he gets to do a bit a free choice (computer, iPad, etc.) He’s actually had a fairly good week if you don’t count the first 30 minutes of Monday.

On a completely separate note, this is the time of year for fundraisers for clubs, groups, schools etc. Usborne Books and More has come up with a super easy fundraiser that gives 43% back to the organization (slightly less if no tax exempt Id is available). If you, your school, church, sports group, family reunion are interested in finding out more please take a look at this quick presentation. It is on going so keep it in mind for future funding needs as well.

One comment on “Life in the classroom

  1. One day at a time – J is saying that “something isn’t right” by first changing what he is able to get done and secondly by his lovely Tasmanian outbursts (lol that was so funny). My son would do this alot and one thing I found (much later in his life) was that he was sick alot – he has severe allergies (which lead to headaches), and had alot of ear infections b/c of his allergy to wool; he would try to tell people that he wasn’t feeling well although looking completely normal) but truth be told, he had an ear infection (yes without fever) or a terrible headache. Once I learned these things – i realize that I don’t know a thing about him – his communications (whether they are appropriate or not) tell me what he is able to do or not able to do… just thought I would even confuse you more….

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