Grace from God

Disclaimer: Cute dog pictures will follow.

Let me start by saying that I wasn’t looking for a new dog. Fostering was fun but my other two dogs were not exactly thrilled. I have friended HSSA, Smiling Dog Rescue, and SavethePetsAZ on facebook so that I can share posts and help others find their future furbaby. I often see pets on the news feed that make me say “awww” but they don’t really make me feel like I need to bring them home. Then I saw the picture of stray-2 aka fluffy:

My heart dropped and even though I posted on her picture that I was already in love with her, but to let someone else adopt her, the next day I was contacting Kelli at SavethePets and told her to hold her for me til after the holidays.
I showed her picture to Little J and at first he didn’t want to adopt her, but with a little prodding I found out it was because he thought I meant foster and that we would have to give her away. When I explained it would be forever he was on board. He wanted to name her Frosty and I agreed.

Then I showed J and he was all “no way!” I told him she was sweet (per her foster dad’s description) and that he could have a say in which dog we adopted but that we were adopting again.

January 2nd we met Kelli at Petsmart and met a Jack Russel mix puppy (too much to handle), a large greyhound mix (so sweet and calm, but big) and Fluff. The kids agreed that Cassie the greyhound was sweet but in the words of J, “I’d rather prefer that we adopt Fluff.” So she came home with us. On the way home the boys decided that Frosty was not the right name and J suggested we name her Grace. I was a bit surprised by his suggestion but as it turns out I shouldn’t have been. It is the name of the human lead female on the Smurfs movie and he had been watching it all break. So she became Grace.

Now here is the real story:

For those of you who have followed along, J doesn’t like furry pets or pets that need interaction. He prefers his turtle. To him, pets are nuisance and bother him with wanting attention or trying to lick his face or barking. Grace is none of these things. She is calm, polite, rarely barks, never licks, and waits to be given attention instead of begging for it.

The day after we got her, we took her for a walk just me and J. After getting the mail, he wanted to run around the block and Grace wanted to run as well while I just wanted to walk. So I asked him to take the leash and run with her. They ran all the way home together.

It has been a week and he has asked to go on 2 more walks and both times has asked if we could bring Grace. He is starting to think about something/someone other than himself and wants to include them in his plans. This is a huge step and at this point I don’t care if she isn’t human.
But the story doesn’t end there. A couple of days ago, Grace and Luna got in a tussle when Luna was going out and Grace was coming in. After I got them separated, J got up from his homework and came over to Grace to comfort her. He petted her and told her sweet words.
It still doesn’t end. When I tucked him in a couple of nights ago, Grace followed me in the room. I asked if she could just lay in his bed until I was done and he didn’t even blink before saying it was ok. I have tried this in the past when the other two dogs were puppies and he always said no way. In fact he hated having them in the room when I tucked him in. Last night he insisted on sleeping with me and since he is in an emotional state right now that requires some extra attention and love, I said yes. But I told him that Grace already sleeps with me and that he would have to let her stay in the bed. He said alright and we fell asleep with Grace between us. When I woke up in the middle of the night, she was curled up against him on his side of the bed and he had his arm around her. When he woke up in the morning, he hugged and kissed her before getting out of bed. I asked him if he was happy that Grace slept by him and he said yes. He also told me that the reason he liked her is because she is calm.

She may have been a therapy dog in a previous household (she was surely someone’s well-trained dog at the least.) But even if she wasn’t she is now our therapy dog and she is truly a gift from God.