Autism Awareness Quandary

I have a major issue with Autism Awareness Month (this month.) Here it is, I share Autism related articles and facts every day in person and on facebook. I don’t need a month to make others aware.

BUT here is the quandary…

J doesn’t know he has Autism. There I said it. I’ve never really talked to him about it. Once in a while we talk with him about him taking meds to help his brain think better (for ADHD and anxiety.

I’ve never told him because as most of my readers know, he is the master manipulator (insert link to other posts). I have always worried about him playing the Autism card on unsuspecting people to try and excuse behavior he could control if he wants to.

So tonight I thought I would start paving the road to having conversations with him. Went something like this:

Me: Do you know why you have speech and OT at school?

J: Why?

Me: No, I am asking you if you KNOW why.


Me: Do you like going to speech and OT?

J: Yes…No…Maybe I do. Do I?

Me: Why do you have a parapro and no one else in your class does?

J: I don’t know.

Me: Is it weird that you have a parapro?

J:No (since kindergarten, he’s never not had a parapro)

Me: Do you know what Autism is?

J: What?

Me: No I’m asking if you KNOW what it is.

J: No…(insert random movie talk here.)


I guess we can put that talk off a little longer. To him therapy and parapros are just part of his life. He doesn’t feel different. He doesn’t have low self esteem. And he doesn’t have a psychological weapon (yet).

He also has kids that consider him a  friend and is making strides in speech (communication with peers is the main focus.) More on this later.