Morning perks

As much as I hate the school morning routine, there are some perks. By the time I get both boys dropped off there isn’t time to go home and then work. But going straight to work means I’m there a half hour early. I started bringing my breakfast to work instead of trying to squeeze it in to the home routine. I get about 25 minutes to spend on the balcony porch with morning song birds, courtyard fountain and beautiful views.




Blessed with boys

I am not a recreational shopper. I find no real joy in going to a store without a clear agenda. When it comes to clothes and shoes for me, I find brands with consistent sizes and order online when there are sales and free shipping. 

Most of the time,  the boys get hand me down clothes or things I find on clearance or presents from family. They really don’t care what it looks like as long as it feels right. So I mostly shop without them to avoid having to be in a store with them.

Little J needed new shoes for school though. He is on the verge of sizes and I knew he needed to try shoes on to get a good fit.  So we braved the shoe store today. We walked in, went to the boys sneakers and immediately found a pair he liked that came in red or blue. His favorite color is blue so I checked those first.  “Sorry bud they don’t have your size in blue. ” “That’s  ok mom, I can wear red. ” They had them in his size, tried them on, and they fit well.

Mission accomplished in 5 minutes. I asked God to give me boys for reasons like this. So glad he agreed with me those 2 times in my life.

Coming out of retirement

Not me,  J. Last year he told anyone who would listen that he was retiring from school. Middle school has been in session for 2 weeks now and several people have asked him how it is going. Instead of replying with negative, “I wish I didn’t have to go. ” or “I hate it” or “I’m retiring. ” he now says,  “It’s going great!”
He really likes the online math and science classes he gets to take on a laptop in the library. He is staying caught up or ahead in social studies and language arts thanks to having some extra “study hall” time built into his day. He also gets to spend plenty of time looking at books while he is in the library.
The staff is still walking on egg shells with him but he really hasn’t given them a reason to challenge him. I’m going to meet with the inclusion specialist next week to go over some things we didn’t think of before school started. Overall though I’m really pleased with the transition to a new school. It would seem J is too.

The secret unlocked

For years J has struggled to get up for school. I chase him around the house waking him up from unusual places multiple times in the 40 minutes allotted for getting dressed, hygiene, eating breakfast, packing his backpack, etc. For the same amount of years electronics has been forbidden before school. It was reserved for children who had a good day at school and got their homework and chores done.

Earlier this week, by some miracle,  both kids woke up before their usual time bright eyed and bushy tailed. They were both ready more than 20 minutes before we needed to leave. J was starting to show signs of slowing down. I’ve learned that if he falls back asleep at home after being ready or in the car, it is an uphill battle to keep him awake at school. So I let them each have 10 minutes of computer time while I finished getting ready. We were all happy and there was less yelling that morning.

That night before bed, J asked if he could have computer time the next morning if he got ready early. I told him yes as long as he also slept through the night and didn’t try to sneak electronics in the middle of the night (that is a whole nother battle at our house). He agreed.

This morning little j was ready almost 30 minutes early.  J was ready 10 minutes early. He gave me a little grumbling when I tried to wake him up but as soon as I mentioned computer time for kids who are ready early, he was wide awake.

I did have to add a new caveat to this though. On the way to school he started yawning and saying how tired he was. I reminded him that he was wide awake just a few minutes ago.  So computer time before school is a treat  but if he is going to fall asleep in school it will have to stop.


His current obsession is the maps app. He is checking possible routes for a package he ordered and the shipping info says has been delayed.

A Glimpse Into the Future

Tonight as we were leaving the parking lot at church, Little J wanted to know why Mrs. JH was telling J to say hello to his 6th grade teacher (Mrs. B) for her. I explained to Little J that Mrs. JH used to teach with Mrs. B last year but now she doesn’t work there any more. He wanted to know then what she did. I told him that she works at home. He asked if she had bosses and I told him no, she was the boss except for the chickens. What followed was sheer hilarity and super sweet.

Little J: When I grow up and get married I want to be the boss of my house. Well my wife can be the boss of the kids.

Me: Well one of you might need to work.

Little J: My wife can work and I’ll stay home and take care of the kids and the house.

Me: You know that means you will need to take care of everything to keep the house clean and the kids fed?

Little J: Yes. I can do that. But my wife can be in charge of the tucking in every night so I get a well deserved break. And I will take care of the kids until they can go to school. But if they are younger than kindergarten and we can’t afford preschool then I’ll homeschool them. I hope my kids get to go to DW Elementary like me.

Me: Well they might if you live in the area but that is something you and your wife will have to talk about. You know you aren’t living with me once you get married?

Little J: I know that. Do you think I can take Luna (his dog) if she’s still alive to live with me and my wife?

Me: Yes.

Little J: It is very important that I find a wife that isn’t allergic to dogs. I wouldn’t want her to get sick and leave me to take care of the kids all the time. Well mostly I wouldn’t want her to feel sick. I wouldn’t want her to get so sick and die.

Me: Most people don’t die from dog allergies.

Little J: Oh well, I still wouldn’t want her to feel sick all the time. So I’ll be looking for a wife who isn’t allergic.

Me: Okay but you know you can’t get married for a while right?

Little J: Yes. I will wait til I am 18, that is 9 years from now.

Me: How about when you are 18, you graduate high school, go to college and then get married?

Little J: Yeah that is a good idea.

Me: What would you like to study in college?

Little J: Science stuff. I really like science stuff. (Insert ramblings ending with Stargazing job)

Me: Sounds like you want to be an Astronomer. That would be good for you. By the way, you know you shouldn’t be kissing girls until you are a grownup right?

Little J: I know. “A” (21 year old guy staying with us) kissed a girl and you said he got cooties.