A Glimpse Into the Future

Tonight as we were leaving the parking lot at church, Little J wanted to know why Mrs. JH was telling J to say hello to his 6th grade teacher (Mrs. B) for her. I explained to Little J that Mrs. JH used to teach with Mrs. B last year but now she doesn’t work there any more. He wanted to know then what she did. I told him that she works at home. He asked if she had bosses and I told him no, she was the boss except for the chickens. What followed was sheer hilarity and super sweet.

Little J: When I grow up and get married I want to be the boss of my house. Well my wife can be the boss of the kids.

Me: Well one of you might need to work.

Little J: My wife can work and I’ll stay home and take care of the kids and the house.

Me: You know that means you will need to take care of everything to keep the house clean and the kids fed?

Little J: Yes. I can do that. But my wife can be in charge of the tucking in every night so I get a well deserved break. And I will take care of the kids until they can go to school. But if they are younger than kindergarten and we can’t afford preschool then I’ll homeschool them. I hope my kids get to go to DW Elementary like me.

Me: Well they might if you live in the area but that is something you and your wife will have to talk about. You know you aren’t living with me once you get married?

Little J: I know that. Do you think I can take Luna (his dog) if she’s still alive to live with me and my wife?

Me: Yes.

Little J: It is very important that I find a wife that isn’t allergic to dogs. I wouldn’t want her to get sick and leave me to take care of the kids all the time. Well mostly I wouldn’t want her to feel sick. I wouldn’t want her to get so sick and die.

Me: Most people don’t die from dog allergies.

Little J: Oh well, I still wouldn’t want her to feel sick all the time. So I’ll be looking for a wife who isn’t allergic.

Me: Okay but you know you can’t get married for a while right?

Little J: Yes. I will wait til I am 18, that is 9 years from now.

Me: How about when you are 18, you graduate high school, go to college and then get married?

Little J: Yeah that is a good idea.

Me: What would you like to study in college?

Little J: Science stuff. I really like science stuff. (Insert ramblings ending with Stargazing job)

Me: Sounds like you want to be an Astronomer. That would be good for you. By the way, you know you shouldn’t be kissing girls until you are a grownup right?

Little J: I know. “A” (21 year old guy staying with us) kissed a girl and you said he got cooties.

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