Coming out of retirement

Not me,  J. Last year he told anyone who would listen that he was retiring from school. Middle school has been in session for 2 weeks now and several people have asked him how it is going. Instead of replying with negative, “I wish I didn’t have to go. ” or “I hate it” or “I’m retiring. ” he now says,  “It’s going great!”
He really likes the online math and science classes he gets to take on a laptop in the library. He is staying caught up or ahead in social studies and language arts thanks to having some extra “study hall” time built into his day. He also gets to spend plenty of time looking at books while he is in the library.
The staff is still walking on egg shells with him but he really hasn’t given them a reason to challenge him. I’m going to meet with the inclusion specialist next week to go over some things we didn’t think of before school started. Overall though I’m really pleased with the transition to a new school. It would seem J is too.

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